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Life stress is inevitable, especially when you're dealing with struggles at school, in the workplace, and with your friends and family. It's nice to know that there is support to help you with these struggles. The Psychology Division at the Loyola Clinical Centers offers a full range of outpatient services that are designed to meet your psychological, emotional, and academic needs.

Clients seated in a circle during a group psychotherapy session

In keeping with our comprehensive approach to wellness, the LCC provides well-rounded care to account for various factors contributing to psychological difficulties. Clients and family members may be closely involved in treatment in order to enhance the client's overall well-being and functioning. Ultimately, our client-centric approach is designed to help you better manage or overcome your challenges and enable you to have more fulfilling relationships, be more successful at work and school, and improve your overall quality of life.

As a graduate training facility, Loyola University graduate students are trained to conduct comprehensive evaluations to best understand your unique needs and to work with you in developing a treatment plan that in order to develop a treatment plan tailored specifically to you. Our graduate student clinicians receive direct supervision and expertise from multiple professors who are licensed to practice psychology in Maryland.

In addition to offering individualized services that suit a range of mental health issues, the Psychology Division also offers specialized services, workshops, and trainings that target specific issues or concerns. Such programming is generally time-limited (a set number of weeks) and may only be offered at set days of the week or times of the year. For example, a group may run once or three times over the course of a year. Therapy groups and workshops offered have ranged in topic based on supervisor expertise and community needs, while others are ongoing. Recognizing the profound impact that grief, loss, and trauma can have on an individual, family, and community we offer specialized services in trauma prevention and intervention, including child grief groups, individual child trauma-focused therapy, and parent and caregiver training, and community workshops. Thanks to generous donations, these trauma-related services are being offered free of charge. For more information about current or upcoming group and workshops, please visit the upcoming events page.

Our services include:

Therapy Services Assessment Services
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Couples psychotherapy
  • Family psychotherapy
  • Psychoeducational testing (learning and attentional differences, deficits and strengths)
  • Neuropsychological testing (strokes, TBIs)
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Family psychotherapy
  • Social skills group psychotherapy
  • Psychoeducational testing (learning and attentional differences, deficits and strengths)

Fee Comparison Chart

*Sliding scale fees are available for those with financial need. Review sliding scale fee info/page/section for more information.

Therapy and Intervention for Psychotherapy Average Community Rate LCC Rate
Individual Psychotherapy $125/session $80/session*
Group Psychotherapy $70/session $20/session*
Couples Psychotherapy $150/session $80/session*
Family Psychotherapy $150/session $80/session*
Comprehensive Child Social Skills and Parenting Groups $70/session $300*
Other Specialized Groups or Services $100/session Variable flat fee*
Workshops and Trainings Variable Variable
Psychoeducational Evaluation $1250/comprehensive evaluation $1,000/comprehensive evaluation*
Neuropsychological Evaluation $1500/comprehensive evaluation $1,000/comprehensive evaluation*

People who seek psychology services typically have these kinds of concerns:

  • Feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • Worries or fears that cause distress or avoidance
  • Anger or irritability that is hard to control or causing trouble at home, work, and/or school
  • Life transitions or milestones (job loss, career change, marriage, divorce)
  • Difficulty with relationships, such as trouble with making or keeping friends, or a desire for deeper, more fulfilling relationships
  • Relationship issues with your spouse or partner
  • Grief and loss
  • Coping with traumatic events
  • Academic difficulties
  • Trouble paying attention or sitting still
  • Motivational issues
  • Academic difficulties that might warrant evaluation, accommodations, or special services
  • Parenting struggles with managing your child's emotions or behavior
  • Family discord
  • Pursuit of greater mental wellness or self-improvement

Contact Us

For general questions about our services or to be initiate services, please contact our front desk at 410-617-1200.

For specific questions about psychology services, contact:

Doug Frew, PsyD, Division Director of Psychology