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Our Services

Access to Care for All

The Loyola Clinical Centers (LCC) provides a broad range of audiology, literacy, psychology, and speech and language services to our clients. We work with all members of the community, from childhood through adulthood, and we provide a variety of evaluations, treatments, and trainings to individuals, couples, and families and groups.

Many of the difficulties our clients face are complex and require an approach that incorporates a combination of the different types of services we provide. Because of the LCC’s collaborative culture, we are able to provide various interprofessional services in order to provide care for the mind, body, and spirit. Seeking to meet our clients where they are, we provide additional programs and services in the summer months and through virtual formats.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive and quality services to all clients. We believe that cost should never be the reason  that someone is unable to seek care. The LCC offers fee options to address the financial needs and limitations of our clients. We invite you to explore our service options and the accompanying sliding scale fee information for each.

A young girl points at a picture while working with a Clinical Centers staff memberA client and Clinical Centers staff member sitting on a couch smiling and looking at a clipboard

You can request an appointment at the LCC for concerns including:

  • Help coping with depression and loss
  • Issues around anxiety and fear
  • Speech delays and disorders
  • Language difficulties for adults and children
  • Learning disabilities
  • Hearing problems
  • Cognitive-communication rehabilitation following stroke or head injury

We serve clients from infants through late adulthood and provide a variety of treatments to individuals, couples, and families and groups. Each of the LCC’s disciplines offers assessment services to address a number of educational, communication, and mental health issues. It is our goal to provide comprehensive and quality services to all of our clients.

Services from trained LCC practitioners and affordable hearing aids help restore proper hearing and enable communication.
School- and community-based partnerships provide a variety of reading and writing programs for children from kindergarten through grade 6.
Assessment and therapy help people overcome struggles with depression, anxiety, stress, and learning and attention disorders.
Speech-Language Pathology
Personalized services treat a range of communication difficulties through diagnosis, speech therapy, and teaching skills to individuals and their families.
Interprofessional Services
Uncovering the root causes of the learning, attentional, or behavioral difficulties that can affect an individual’s ability to succeed at school or at work can be very challenging. The bases for these struggles are often quite complex, and can be influenced by many factors. In order to best serve patients who present with these challenges, the Loyola Clinical Centers relies on interprofessional approaches to diagnose and treat clients.
Summer Programs
Summer programs serve varying age groups and include cognitive enrichment, aphasia treatment, reading, articulation, social skills, and speech-language services. Formats vary from in-person to telehealth. Programs for school-age children tend to have more intensive schedules to maximize progress during the summer months.

Virtual Services Now Available

Engaging and enriching reading and writing programs are available for your child to learn in a virtual space, with the same quality of instruction and interaction as in-person learning.

Learn more about virtual services