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Interprofessional Assessment Clinic

The Loyola Clinical Centers offers a unique Interprofessional Assessment Clinic (IAC) that provides specialized and comprehensive testing for children ages 6-18. Typically, an individual seeking this assessment presents with a history of speech and language delays, hearing problems, and/or academic concerns. The purpose of the assessment is to provide a better understanding of what is causing these problems and to determine the best approach to accommodate or remediate them.

The purpose of the assessment is to provide a detailed analysis of the child’s strengths and areas of need to determine the cause of these problems and the best approach to accommodate and remediate them.

The dynamic collaboration between three disciplines (psychology, speech-language pathology, and audiology) offers you the opportunity to get all of your assessment needs met in one place. Additionally, the team works together to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment/intervention recommendations. The team will provide insights into the academic profile of the struggling learner highlighting the student’s strengths and weaknesses. You will receive detailed reports from all three disciplines that will provide recommendations to promote academic success. These reports serve as a roadmap for working on the identified problems to achieve greater success in an academic (or work) environment. At the end of your assessment process, you will get the opportunity to sit down with your treatment team to ask questions and discuss your/ your child’s diagnoses.

Fee Comparison Chart

A sliding scale is available for the fees associated with each of the following services.

Average Community Rate LCC Rate
IAC Speech-Language Evaluation $300
IAC Audiology Evaluation $300
IAC Psychoeducational Evaluation $1,000