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Luis - Speech-Language Pathology

At just five months old, Luis, an infant with Down Syndrome participated with his parents in a six-week program called "My Baby and Me," which focused on language and communication development in children under 12 months old.

"We learned about the program from our Down Syndrome support group, and at first, I really wondered what kind of therapy they could really do for infants," says Luis' mother, Yvonne. "But, Luis was so curious about his environment and really loved to babble, so we wanted to encourage that."

Luis working with a member of the clinical centers staff, while his parents watch through a window

The highly structured program featured songs and other activities, including play with mirrors, blowing bubbles, games with exercise balls and sensory stimulation, like painting with the children's feet.

"The activities encouraged the babies to maintain eye contact with their parents and explore different things," says Yvonne. "We were really anxious about how to connect with Luis, and these activities really helped us bond. When he laughs, these are just magical moments." The family continues to incorporate the activities introduced in "My Baby and Me" at home, and looks forward to enrolling in a similar Clinical Centers' program for toddlers in the coming year.

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