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Tom - Psychology

At 38, Tom had been through a complex series of personal difficulties, battling depression, overcoming addiction, and navigating a challenging relationship. As he neared the end of an outpatient drug and alcohol counseling program, his therapist there recommended he consider additional psychotherapy through Loyola's Clinical Centers.

After completing an assessment at his first appointment, Tom embarked on a series of 23 psychotherapy sessions, individual meetings between him and two different students in Loyola's doctoral program in psychology.

"I had been out of work when I began therapy at the Clinical Centers, and the Centers' willingness to work with me on the cost of the program was very helpful," says Tom. "I was hesitant about working with students at first, but it was absolutely a very beneficial experience for me. Until then, all of my previous therapists had been men. Both of the people I worked with at Loyola were women, and I think it was helpful for me to have that perspective."

Tom's therapy sessions focused on working to label and understand his emotions, improve his interpersonal functioning, and support his sobriety. Today, Tom remains sober, and has begun a new job after more than nine months off employment.

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