Hearing is an essential component of communication. With a 30-year history of providing respected clinical services to the Baltimore community, the Loyola Clinical Centers (LCC) provides state-of-the-art audiology and hearing services, and hosts a full line of digital hearing instruments that provide aid services to patients from infancy to adulthood. The services provided by speech-language pathology graduate student practitioners and certified and licensed professional audiologists at the LCC help restore proper hearing—the first step to communication, engagement, and everything else that follows.

People who need audiology services typically have these kinds of concerns:

  • Are you concerned that your child isn’t talking as much, hearing, or responding as she or he should be for his or her age?
  • Do you or your child have difficulty hearing in noisy environments?
  • Are you concerned that your hearing is changing with aging?
  • Are you looking for a place to have hearing evaluated for you or a member of your family?

Audiology services available include:

  • Community hearing screenings
  • Diagnostic hearing evaluations
  • Central Auditory Processing evaluations
  • Middle ear assessments
  • Hearing instrument provision and repair
  • Aural rehabilitation services
  • Speech/reading groups

Fee Comparison Chart

  Average Community Rate
LCC Rate
Central Auditory Processing Evaluation
$300/hour with sliding scale available
Audio Impedance Testing
$80/session with sliding scale available
Audio Screening
 $70 $30/with sliding scale available
Audio Diagnostic Evaluation  $300 $150/with sliding scale available
 Hearing Aid Services    Fees vary

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Andrea Atticks, M.A., CCC-SLP
Division Director, Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology