Intensive Treatment for Aphasia Program (ITAP)

ITAP is an intensive treatment program for adults with aphasia. Graduate students in speech-language pathology work with clients to increase overall communication abilities and life participation through 1:1 and group treatment sessions for a full 6-hour day, several days per week, for several weeks. Following individualized pre-assessment, a task-specific approach is employed; student clinicians work with clients to help them choose their own goals. Goals are targeted through traditional therapeutic approaches, as well as by activities that encourage carry-over of communication skills in the community. Clients use cutting-edge technology to maximize communication skills, and receive follow-up recommendations to promote continued improvement. Education sessions for clients and communication partners are provided by professionals from the community on a variety of topics of interest to people with aphasia.

Who is this program for?

Any adult with aphasia—an acquired language disorder that impairs the ability to speak and/or understand others, that may also impair reading and/or writing abilities.

Program details

  • Summer session only
  • 1:1 clinician/client ratio
  • Use of current technology to maximize communication skills: software and applications
  • Post-assessment and follow-up recommendations
  • Client and family education

2020 Cost/Dates

  • $800 for full program; or
  • $20 per group session for "ITAP-GO" option (GO= "Groups Only" or no individual treatment sessions/not "full program")
  • Based upon individual financial status


  • Evaluation dates: May 19 & 21
  • Session dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, May 26-June11


  • Evaluation dates: June 16 & 18
  • Session dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 23-July 16 (No sessions June 30 or July 2)

Learn more and register by calling 410-617-1200. Questions? Contact Theresa Alexander, or Cynthia Nichols,