Loyola University Maryland

Disability Support Services

Housing Accommodation Procedures

Loyola University Maryland recognizes the importance of providing reasonable accommodations when necessary for students with disabilities to access campus housing and fully participate in the residential experience. Student Life works closely with Disability Support Services to coordinate housing accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

Procedures and Documentation

Students who require housing accommodations must first register with DSS through their online application system. On the application, students must describe how their disability impacts them in the context of housing, and explain why they require the particular accommodation they are requesting.

After completing the online application, students must submit documentation of their disability to DSS that meets the Disability Documentation Guidelines. The documentation must:

  • Include a detailed explanation of how the student’s disability currently impacts the student’s housing needs;
  • Provide clear housing accommodation recommendations that include an explanation of why the accommodation is necessary for the student to live on campus or participate in the residential experience; and
  • If applicable, provide suggestions for alternative accommodations [in addition to the primary recommendation(s)] that may also meet the needs of the student.

DSS may contact the medical professional who provides the disability documentation to obtain additional information or discuss alternative accommodations. DSS may also consult with practitioners in Student Health and Education Services or the Counseling Center to discuss proposed accommodations on a limited basis.

DSS and Student Life consider all accommodation requests on an individualized, case-by-case basis. However, as students navigate this process, they should note the following:

  • Accommodation recommendations approved by DSS are based on the disability-related need (for example, housing on the ground floor, housing with a low student-bathroom ratio, a wheelchair accessible room/bathroom). Accommodations do not require Student Life to place a student in a specific residence hall if multiple buildings meet the stated need.
  • While DSS reviews and implements all requests on a case-by-case basis, Loyola’s residential facilities typically do not include rooms with a private bathroom.
  • Loyola’s residential facilities include a very limited number of single-occupancy bedrooms – students still share a unit with roommates in other bedrooms. Access to a single bedroom will only be approved as an accommodation in cases where it is clearly documented that a student cannot live on campus without this accommodation.

After submitting their application and documentation to DSS, students will receive a written response from DSS. If the request is approved, the accommodation recommendation will be communicated by DSS to Student Life, and a Student Life staff member will contact the student regarding their specific housing placement.

DSS does not share the student’s diagnosis or other details of the student’s disability documentation with Student Life, unless specifically requested by the student or required to implement the approved accommodation.

Application Deadlines

Initial requests

Requests must be submitted and are reviewed on a yearly basis in accordance with the deadlines posted by Student Life for housing selection.

  • Incoming first year and transfer students: Students must complete their registration by July 1st in order for their accommodation to be considered before students are assigned.
  • Rising sophomores/juniors/seniors: Students must complete their registration with DSS by February 1st in order for their accommodation to be considered before the housing selection process begins.

Disability Support Services will review requests for housing accommodations made after these dates. However, some accommodations may not be available after students have already been placed and residential spaces are full. Students who do not meet the deadlines for applying for a housing accommodation must go through the regular housing lottery process. If a housing accommodation is approved by DSS after the stated deadline, Student Life will assess whether it is reasonable to implement the accommodation after the housing lottery process is complete. If the accommodation cannot be fulfilled, the student will be placed on a wait list for the accommodation and it will be implemented if it is possible.

Ongoing Need for Accommodation

Once a student is approved for a housing accommodation, a DSS staff person will email the student at the beginning of each subsequent spring semester prior to the start of the housing selection process to confirm the student’s continuing need for the accommodation. Students must respond to DSS to confirm their continued need for the accommodation by the deadline stated in the email.  If the student does not respond to this communication, DSS will assume the accommodation is no longer needed and will not provide any information about the student’s needs to Student Life for the subsequent academic year.

Questions and Appeals

Students may contact DSS by email DSS@loyola.edu or phone (410) 617-2750 with any questions related to requesting housing accommodations.

Students with disabilities who believe they have been improperly denied a housing accommodation should consult the DSS Grievance Policy.