Loyola University Maryland

Ignatian Isolation and Quarantine

Tips for Getting Settled

We want to make your time in this temporary space as comfortable as possible. Loyola has created this space just for you—complete with bedding, towels, bath mat, soap, body wash, shampoo, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues, paper towels, and sanitizer spray. We have a surprise gift bag for you, too! We have selected the contents of your gift with purpose and intention, keeping in mind the inspiration you may need while you are in isolation, the fun you may be seeking when you continue to live in your new space, and the opportunity for you to reflect and show gratitude for all the blessings you do have in your life.

Getting Settled

  • Take inventory of your new living space and how you plan to use it for the next 10 days.
  • Unpack. This process will allow you to feel more settled during your time in isolation.
  • Keep your space as you would typically keep your own room or apartment—if you do better with a clean space, keep it clean! If you do not mind a few things laying around, that is fine as well!
  • Separate work/study space from sleep space and your fitness/exercise space no matter how big or small the living area.
  • A Case Manager will be checking in with you

You may also want to:

  • Contact family members and close friends to let them know you’re in isolation.
  • Send out a group message now and schedule Facetime or Zoom calls.
  • If you have a job, contact your supervisor to let them know you will not be able to attend work.
  • If you are a student leader or member of a club, connect with your moderator/advisor and other members of your club to ensure your work gets done, especially if you are not feeling well.