Loyola University Maryland

Ignatian Isolation and Quarantine

Care for the Whole Person: Mind

Illustration of St. Ignatius representing care for the mindContinuing Classes Remotely

  • Be aware that your professors are notified that you will be attending classes remotely.
  • Continue attending classes and completing assignments as long as you are feeling well. 
  • Contact your professors if you are not feeling well and need extensions on your assignments and projects.  
  • Notify Student Health Services at 410-617-5055 if your symptoms are getting worse.

Managing Emotions

As you settle into your isolation space, you may be experiencing a wide range of emotions including anxiety, confusion, sadness, or frustration. Taking care of your emotional well-being during this time in isolation is just as important as for caring for yourself physically. Check out this self-care kit to find tools and suggestions for your emotional health.

Journaling about your experience and emotions during this time in isolation may also be an especially beneficial way to reflect while physically away from friends and family. Watch this video about the benefits of journaling and provide prompts for students to explore their thoughts and feelings.

The Counseling Center is available for a range of remote services, support groups, and workshops. Check out their website for more information or call 410-617-CARE (2273) to schedule an appointment.


  • Make sure you have lots of entertainment options ready to go!
  • Download some movies and TV shows to watch (see a list of student favorites)
  • Download e-books to read using your online library system, the Loyola/NDMU Library, or www.z-lib.org
  • Don’t miss any Loyola athletic games and cheer on your fellow greyhounds!
  • Reach out to someone to whom you have not spoken in a while. Start thinking about what you would like to do after isolation. 
  • Think about getting involved and reach out to student clubs and organizations that share similar interests.
  • Utilize Student Activities' remote engagement opportunities for self-care resources, entertainment and other ways to stay engaged.
  • Check out the Late Night Calendar for information on student events and to see if there are any Grab N’ Go events taking place now. If you want to participate, please send an email to Sarah Connelly at seconnelly1@loyola.edu, and we’ll have supplies dropped off for you!