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My Week

The My Week Web part combines calendar events from your Outlook calendar as well as from Colleague. The list of Colleague events includes your classes and any appointments you have scheduled in Outlook. You can make changes to your appointments right in this Web part. Other helpful hints: You can see another day’s appointments just by clicking on the date and you can return to today's information by clicking the “Today's Date” link.

For students, the list of events collected from your calendar within Colleague may include all the course section meetings that you are involved in and any other appointments or miscellaneous events that have been scheduled through Colleague.

How do I change an appointment?

To change an event, click on the event and the My Week Web part opens a new window with that event in your Exchange account for you to modify.

How do I see another day’s events?

This Web part displays events in ascending order with the events for the current date displayed first. You can view information for different dates on your calendar by selecting the required dates on the calendar displayed in this Web part. You can always return to the default view by clicking on the "Today's Date" link at the top of the Web part.

How do I change the number of days that display?

By default, this Web part displays three days worth of events. At this time individual users cannot make this modification, but the functionality will be included in a future enhancement to Inside Loyola.

At any point in time you can view the latest list of events by using the refresh icon on the top right of the Web part.