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black and white image of confuciusChinese Print News Media

《人民日报》 (in Chinese)

《解放日报》 (in Chinese)

《南方周末》 (in Chinese)

Multimedia News, Music, TV, Film

Chinese Language Entertainment and News 

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Chinese National News
CCTV Homepage
YouTube Channel
Campus Cable: Ch. 119
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Hunan TV
Entertainment News and TV Shows
Hunan TV Homepage
YouTube Channel
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鳳凰衛視 (Hongkong)
Phoenix TV 
News and Entertainment Programming
Phoenix TV Homepage  phoenix tv media logo
Online News Coverage
Sina News Online                          sina logo
Search Engine and News Provider
Sohu Search Engine and News  sohu logo
Integrated News, Entertainment, and Finance Resource
QQ News Online                         qq logo
聯合新聞網 (Taiwan)
United Daily News
Taiwanese News Coverage
United Daily New Online  udn logo

Online Streaming Video Providers

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Chinese at Loyola 

Online Chinese Tools

Top 5 Free Resources for Learning Chinese 

Suggested by our Chinese Faculty at Loyola University Maryland!

  1. Learn Chinese - QingWen
    With podcasts updated weekly, this is a great little app to take with you for learning Chinese on-the-go. The QingWen show gets down to the nitty-gritty and gives listeners the much-needed explanations about the tricky parts of the Mandarin language – from the multiple uses of “就” to common examples and uses of “成语”. The Beijing Standard Time show is not only great from a learning standpoint, but also from a cultural one as well. The show provides listeners with valuable information about Chinese culture, from tips on how to avoid common scams in China, to etiquette guides on how to behave in certain social situations, such as “How to act at a Chinese banquette?”
  2. Lang-8
    A great free resource for anybody looking to improve their writing skills. Lang-8 is basically a community of users all looking to improve their writing skills, in whatever language. As a user, you can write a blog, journal, or post in Chinese, and look for native Chinese speakers to correct your writing and give feedback. It works because you will be doing the same for them, correcting their writing in English, or any other language you speak natively. The correction system is simple and straightforward, and the more friends you make, the more corrections and feedback you can receive.
  3. Nciku
    Probably the best web-based English-Chinese dictionary out there. You can search by English, Chinese characters, pinyin, radical, or even via handwriting with their in-site writing pad. The interface is clean, and they have a nice library of sample sentences that come up with each word search. Although their mobile app requires you to fork over some dough to unlock, try Pleco basic version for a free mobile alternative.
  4. AllSet Learning Pinyin App
    A great free iPad app for newbie Mandarin learners. AllSet’s Pinyin chart is simple and to the point, providing you with zoom-able and pan-able features where you can zone in on your selected pinyin and listen to the accompanying audio. For a web-based version of a pinyin chart, check out ChinesePod’s Pinyin Chart.
  5. FluentU
    A relative newcomer to the Chinese language learning scene, however, FluentU has some great things to offer. It uses popular video clips and short movies to help you learn Chinese in a very visual manner. What’s more is that all of the videos are subtitled in Chinese characters, with pinyin display and English breakdowns available via hovering over the text. 

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