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Faculty & Staff

Name LanguagesEmailPhoneOffice
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Ursula Beitter, Ph.D. Professor Emerita
Emeriti Facultyubeitter@loyola.edu
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Diane Chaffee-Sorace, Ph.D. Professor Emerita
Emeriti Facultydchaffee@loyola.edu
Andrea Colombat
André Colombat, Ph.D.
Dr. Randy Donaldson
Randall P. Donaldson, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus
Emeriti Facultyrdonaldson@loyola.edu
Dr. Ramon Espejo-Saavedra
Ramón Espejo-Saavedra, Ph.D. Professor
Spanishrespejo@loyola.edu 410-617-2610 Maryland Hall 461
Alyssa Falcone smiling wearing a black shirt
Alyssa Falcone, Ph.D. Affiliate Faculty
Italianamfalcone@loyola.edu Maryland Hall 451-K
Cynthia Fraga
Cynthia P. Fraga-Cañadas, Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor
Spanishcpfraga@loyola.edu 410-617-5787 Maryland Hall 351-F
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Douglas Glynn, Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor
Spanishdglynn@loyola.edu 410-617-5516 Maryland Hall 351-E
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Ana Gómez-Pérez, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Spanishagp@loyola.edu 410-617-2775 Maryland Hall 351-D
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Margaret Austin Haggstrom, Ph.D. Associate Professor Emerita
Emeriti Facultymhaggstrom@loyola.edu
inas hassan
Inas Hassan, Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor
Arabicihassan@loyola.edu 410-617-5668 Maryland Hall 464
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Jennifer Holt, MA Assistant Teaching Professor
Germanjlholt@loyola.edu 410-617-2513 Maryland Hall 459
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Emily Iekel, MA Assistant Teaching Professor
Spanishekiekel@loyola.edu 410-617-2924 Maryland Hall 457
Dr. Margarita Jacome
Margarita Jácome, Ph.D. Associate Chair of Student Issues, Associate Professor, Director of Latin American and Latino Studies Program
Spanishmjacome@loyola.edu 410-617-2364 Maryland Hall 351-G
Kelly Keenan
Kelly Keenan, MA Director of Language Learning Center
Frenchkekeenan@loyola.edu 410-617-2670 MH 443B
Dr. Tasha Lewis
Tasha N. Lewis, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Spanishtnlewis@loyola.edu 410-617-5603 Maryland Hall 460
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Stacey Mitchell, Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor
Spanishsmitchell3@loyola.edu 410-617-2520 Maryland Hall 464
Leslie Morgan
Leslie Zarker Morgan, Ph.D. Professor Emerita
Emeriti Facultylmorgan@loyola.edu
Dr. Paul Oorts
Paul Oorts, Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor
Italianphoorts@loyola.edu 410-617-2324 Maryland Hall 351-E
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Giuliana Risso-Robberto Robberto, MA Teaching Professor
Italiangrissorobberto@loyola.edu 410-617-2090 Maryland Hall 467
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Catherine Savell, MA Teaching Professor
Frenchcsavell@loyola.edu 410-617-2927 Maryland Hall 351-C
Heidi Shaker, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Frenchhsbrown@loyola.edu 410-617-5607 Maryland Hall 351-I
Yu Zhang
Yu Zhang Stearns, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Chineseyzstearns@loyola.edu 410-617-2507 Maryland Hall 458
Andrea Thomas
Andrea S. Thomas, Ph.D. Chair of Modern Languages and Literature, Associate Professor
Frenchasthomas@loyola.edu 410-617-2612 Maryland Hall 351-H
Yolopattli Hernandez-Torres Spanishyihernandez@loyola.edu 410-617-2463 Maryland Hall 456
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Sarah Tyler, MA Teaching Professor
Spanishsgtyler@loyola.edu 410-617-2105 Maryland Hall 463
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Sarah Vitale, MA Teaching Professor
Spanishsjvitale@loyola.edu 410-617-2974 Maryland Hall 465
Dr. Jinghua Wangling
Jinghua Wangling, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Chinesejwangling@loyola.edu 410-617-2795 Maryland Hall 448
Thomas Ward
Thomas Ward, Ph.D. Professor
Spanishtward@loyola.edu 410-617-2370 Maryland Hall 462
Ellie Mallory

Ellie Mallory

Ellie’s Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences and French double major led her to develop a unique skill set and deep empathy for communication challenges

Speech-Language Pathology, Modern Languages & Literatures