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Learning Aims for Language Core

All students at Loyola must take a world language course with the goal of assimilating the basic structures of the language.


The student will be able to satisfy most routine travel and survival needs and some limited social demands. Can ask and answer questions and carry on a conversation on topics beyond basic survival needs, i.e., can talk simply about autobiographical details, leisure time activities, daily schedule, and some future plans. Is generally understood by persons used to dealing with foreigners.


The student will be able to understand the spoken language on such familiar topics as current events, history, and leisure-time activities.


The student will have sufficient comprehension to understand a simple paragraph for personal communication, information, or recreational purposes.

  • Can read with understanding invitations, social notes, personal letters, and business letters on familiar topics.
  • Can identify the main ideas and line of argument in two to three short paragraphs of non-technical narrative.
  • Can identify main ideas in short items of general interest in magazines, newspapers, and other informational sources.
  • Can read for pleasure some uncomplicated authentic or edited prose and poetry.


The student will be able to compose paragraphs or take notes on familiar topics. Can write about interests, daily routine, everyday events, and the like.


The student will acquire survival competence, e.g., will be able to deal with familiar survival situations and interact with persons from the target culture. Will become familiar with some of the outstanding cultural achievements of the countries whose language is being studied.