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Core Language Award Winners

Here are the winners of our Core Award students. These outstanding students have achieved an A in their 104 or 200-level core language classes that allow them to complete their language requirement. The department of Modern Languages and Literatures is very proud of these achievers, and we hope that many become majors or minors.



Andrew deBorja


Olivia Cresser
Moulai Njie
Ava Vukovich
Colin Baust-Crain


Kate Tokach
Erich Neubauer 
Noah Barker
Greg Sifferman


Josephine Lightner
Jenna Caruso
Emily Alcock
Esau Portillo
Natasha Rappa
Gabriela Camacho


Steph Piscal
Isabella Desintonio
Umar Nawaz
Kayla Nunes
Alexandra Glascoff
Alex Preusser
Clare Buckley
Karen Gomez
Liam Richardson
Eli Lawton
Mary Jo Baetzold
Lauren Guggenheim
Ken Bungalso
James Donoughe
Lucy Doerflinger
Meg Hoehler 
Caroline Coyle
Zaira Rehman
Kayne Weir
Cara Lamina
Kerry-Ann Lucas
Joseph Hayburn
Kate O’Brien
Liam Holden
Andres Socarras
Natalia Cannon
Lidia Bridges