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Leslie Zarker Morgan, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita
Leslie Morgan headshot

Professional Website (Comprehensive CV)


  • Yale University, MA, MPhil, PhD (Italian Language and Literature)
  • Middlebury College, MA (Italian)
  • Mount Holyoke College, AB (Medieval Civilization)


Books/Edited Volumes

  • Orlando Furioso at 500, 1516-2016, selected papers of Symposium held in Baltimore, MD. Co-editor with John C. McLucas and April Oettinger; Preface by Walter Stephens. Special issue of MLN 2018 (Italian Issue), 133.1.
  • The Epic Imagination in Medieval Literature: Essays in Honor Alice Colby-Hall. Co-editor with P. E. Bennett and F. Regina Psaki. Romance Monographs S-5. U of Mississippi, 2016.
  • "Si sai encor moult bon estoire, Chançon moult bone et anciene": Studies in the Text and Context of Old French Narrative in Honour of Joseph J. Duggan. Co- Ed. with Sophie Marnette and John F. Levy. Medium Aevum XXIII. Oxford: The Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature, 2015.
  • Epic Studies: Acts of the Seventeenth International Congress of the Société Rencesvals for the Study of Romance Epic (July 2006).  Co-editor with Anne Berthelot (U. of Ct., Storrs), et. al. Special issue of Olifant 25 (2006), 1-2.  (Published 2008.)
  • La Geste Francor: Chansons de geste of Ms. Marc. Fr. XIII (256).  Edition with glossary, introduction and notes.  2 volumes.  Arizona: Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 2009.
  • Approaches to Teaching the Song of Roland. Co-Editor with William W. Kibler. NY: MLA, 2006.
  • Franco-Italian and Italian Romance Epic. Ed. with Nancy Bradley-Cromey.  Special issue Olifant 21 (1996-97).
  • The Foreign Language Classroom: Bridging Theory and Practice. Ed. and introduction with Margaret A. Haggstrom and Joseph A. Wieczorek. NY: Garland Education Series, 1995.
  • Dante:  Summa Medievalis, papers of March 1988 Symposium held at SUNY, Stony Brook. Ed. and introduction with Charles Franco. NY: Filibrary, 1995.
  • Ludovico Ariosto's Five Cantos. Trans. NY: Garland, 1992.


  • Cent ans de franco-italien: du Huon d'Auvergne de 1341 au Huon d'Auvergne de 1441." In Autour du «Roman de Florimont»: Approches multidiciplinaires à la complexité textuelle médiévale. Ed. Marta Materni. Quaderni di Francigena 2, 2020.  pp. 75-89.
  • “The ‘Cantare dei cantari’: A Fifteenth-Century Vernacular Menu of Song.” Re-Edition, Annotation and Translation into English of Pio Rajna’s ‘Cantare dei Cantari’. Letteratura cavalleresca italiana 2 (2020): 61-116.
  • “From Roland to Orlando: French Charlemagne Tradition and its Development in Italy.” In Teaching the Italian Renaissance Romance Epic. Ed. Jo Ann Cavallo. MLA, 2018. pp. 41-55.
  • “Franco-Italian Lexicon: Problems with l's.” In “Il fist que proz”: Essays in Honour of Robert F. Cook. Ed. Sara Jane Miles and Stephen Martin. British Rencesvals Publications, 2018. pp. 145-66.
  • “The Turin Octavien Retraced: Needed Updates for Turin Manuscript Records.” Romania 135 (2017): 445-51.
  • “Les deux Romes de Huon d'Auvergne et le bon gouvernement.” In « Par deviers Rome m’en renvenrai errant »: Atti del XXème Congrès International de la Societé Rencesvals pour l’étude des épopées romanes (Rome, Italy, 20-25 July 2015). Ed. M. Careri, C. Menichetti, T. Rachetta. Viella, 2017. 579-89.
  • “Étrangers dans un pays étranger: Voyageurs épiques français en Italie au XIVe siècle.” In « Le Monde entour et environ »:La geste, la route et le livre, Mélanges Claude Roussel. Ed. Emilie Goudeau, Françoise Laurent et Michel Quereuil. Presses Universitaires Blaise-Pascal, 2017. 239-52.
  • “Medieval Epic Re-imagined in the Eighteenth Century: A New Lesson from Roland's Youth in Pier Jacopo Martello's Carlo Magno.” In Epic Imagination in Medieval Literature: Essays in Honor of Alice-Colby Hall. Ed. P. E. Bennett, L. Zarker Morgan and F. Regina Psaki. Romance Monographs S-5. U of Mississippi, 2016. 193-229.
  • “Carlo Magno a Bologna… e nel Nord America: Pier Jacopo Martello e la tradizione cavalleresca.” In Carlo Magno in Italia e la fortuna dei libri di cavalleria. Atti del Convegno internazionale di Zurigo (6-8 maggio 2014). Ed. Johannes Bartuschat e Franca Strologo. Longo, 2016. 457-79.
  • “Genealogia gestae: Boccaccio and the Franco-ItalianTradition of the chansons de geste.” In Boccaccio veneto: 700 anni di incroci mediterranei a Venezia. Acts of the conference held at “Casa Artom”, Wake Forest University, Venice, 21-22 giugno 2013. Ed. Luciano Formisano and Roberta Morosini. Aracne, 2015. 305-21.
  • “Le Roman d'Alexandre dans Huon d'Auvergne: tourisme et truismes dans une épopée du XIVe siècle.” In Epic Connections / Rencontres épiques Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Conference of the Société Rencesvals, Oxford, 13–17 August 2012. Ed. Marianne J. Ailes, Philip E. Bennett and Anne Elizabeth Cobby. Société Rencesvals British Branch Publications 7. Edinburgh: Société Rencesvals British Branch, 2015. 509-27.
  • “The Avatars of Orable-Guibourc from French chanson de geste to Italian romanzo cavalleresco: A Persistent Multiple Alterity.” Co-authored with Philip E. Bennett. Francigena I, 1 (February 2015).
  • “A Snapshot of Franco-Italian: Romance and Epic in the Gonzaga Inventory of 1407.” In 'Si sai encor moult bon estoire, Chançon moult bone et anciene: Studies in the Test and Context of Old French Narrative in Honour of Joseph J. Duggan'. Ed. Sophie Marnette, John F. Levy, and Leslie Zarker Morgan. Medium Aevum XXIII. Oxford: The Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature, 2015. 305-27.

Book Reviews

  • Cavallo, Jo Ann, e Corrado Confalonieri. Boiardo. Unicopli, 2018. Letteratura cavalleresca italiana 2 (2020): 119-20.
  • Boscolo, Claudia. L'Entree d'Espagne: Context and Authorship at the Origins of the Italian Chivalric Epic. Series: Medium Ævum Monographs. Oxford, UK: The Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literatures, 2017. TMR 19.04.07.
  • Claudio Gigante e Giovanni Palumbo, eds. La Tradizione epica e cavalleresca in Italia (XII-XVI sec.). Bruxelles: P.I.E. Peter Lang, 2010. Revue Belge d’Histoire et Philologie 91.2 (2013): 506-11.

Other Publications and Web Materials

 'La Geste Francor' book cover

Areas of Specialization 

  • Medieval and Renaissance Italian and French literature: their relationship and connections in the medieval and renaissance periods (chanson de geste and its development in the Italian peninsula; Italian renaissance lyric and its developments in France; computational philology; lexical and technical echoes between works across languages)
  • Foreign language pedagogy: teaching at all levels in a coordinated, interdisciplinary collaborative manner (Italian language instruction; uses of technology, including the computer, at all levels of language instruction and testing; teaching of literature)
  • Humor: its development in literary contexts (levels of interpretation in literary texts and changes over time and place and how these lead to humor; how to appreciate literary humor)



  • July 2022, "La Flandre et l’épopée franco-italienne." Société Rencesvals 22nd Triennial International Conference, Lille, Fr, 19-23 July.
  • January 2022  "Language and Power: Mixed Language as Political Commentary in Franco-Italian Epic." Modern Language Association, Washington, D.C., 6-9 January.
  • July 2019,   “Between France and Italy: Arthur’s Adolescent Court Adventures in The Knight of the Parrot.” XVI Congress of theInternational Courtly Literature Society, University of Exeter, UK, 22-27 July 2019.
  • April 2019, Huon d’Auvergne in Franco-Italian Hell (with American and digital guides).” Baltimore Cenacolo Italiano, April 5, University of Maryland.
  • August 2018, “Charlemagne et sa famille italienne: Andrea da Barberino et l'acculturation des carolingiens.” Société Rencesvals 21st Triennial International Conference, Toronto, CA, 13-17August.
  • March 2018, “Male Humor in Feminine Dress: Crossdressing Men in Romance Epic Tradition.” Twenty-first Biennial New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Sarasota, Florida.
  • April 2017, “The Digital Huon d'Auvergne in its Franco-Italian Universe: More Than Stemma and Structure.” Medieval Academy of America, Toronto, CA.
  • January 2016, “From Old French to Italian: The 1341 and 1441 Huon d'Auvergnes.” Modern Language Association, Austin TX.
  • July 2015, “Les deux Romes de Huon d'Auvergne.”  Société Rencesvals 20th Triennial International Conference, Rome, Italy.
  • May 2015, Part of “Digital Humanities: The Franco-Italian Huon d’Auvergne, an NEH-Supported Digital Edition and Translation Project (A Roundtable)”: “Herding Colleagues: Coordinating an International Multilingual Mixed Languages Digital Edition.” 50th International Medieval Conference, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, May 14-17.
  • April 2015, “Charlemagne Censured: Visual Imagery and Expurgation in Pier Jacopo Martello's Carlo Magno (1727).” 21st annual Carolina Conference on Romance Languages, Chapel Hill, NC, April 9-11.
  • May 2014, “Carlo Magno a Bologna… e nel Nord America: Pier Jacopo Martello e la tradizione cavalleresca.” Carlo Magno in Italia e la fortuna dei libri di cavalleria, Convegno internazionale - Internationale Tagung (Zurigo, 6-8 maggio 2014). Carlo Magno in Italia e la fortuna dei libri di cavalleria, Convegno internazionale - Internationale Tagung (Zurigo, 6-8 maggio 2014).
  • June 2013, “Genealogia gestae: Boccaccio and the Franco-Italian Tradition of  the chanson de geste.Boccaccio veneto: 700 anni di incroci mediterranei a Venezia. “Casa Artom,” Wake Forest University, Venice.

Service Activities, Memberships in Academic Societies

  • AATI (American Association of Teachers of Italian)
  • Dante Society of America
  • ICLS-NAB (International Courtly Literature Society, North American Branch)
  • MLA (Modern Language Association)
  • Medieval Academy of America  
  • Société Rencesvals (American-Canadian Branch)