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Diane Chaffee-Sorace, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita

Professor Emerita of Spanish


  • Duke University, M.A., Ph.D
  • Wells College, BA (Spanish), Honors, Phi Beta Kappa
  • University of Salamanca, Spain, Diploma for Summer Session

Courses Taught

  • SN 358:  A Survey of Spanish Theater
  • SN 352:  The Golden Age
  • SN 301:  Civilization and Culture of Spain
  • SN 217:  Venturing Into the Text:  Reading Comprehension through Literature
  • SN 104:  Intermediate Spanish II



  • Góngora's Shorter Poetic Masterpieces in Translation.  Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies 357.  Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.  Tempe: Arizona, 2010.
  • Góngora's Poetic Textual Tradition:  An Analysis of Selected Variants, Versions and Imitations of His Shorter Poems.  New York and London: Tamesis, 1988.

Selected Articles

  • "Góngora’s Sonnet 'El Cuarto Enrico yace mal herido.'" Neophilologus (October 2017): DOI: 10.1007/s11061-017-9541-9. Print: 102.1 (January 2018): 15-24.
  • "King Henry IV of France in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Paintings and Poetry." Lamar Journal of the Humanities 41.1 (Spring 2016): 5-22.
  • "Góngora and Heraldry: Portraits of Praise." MLN, Hispanic Issue, 130.2 (March 2015): 183-199.
  • "Góngora’s ‘Esperando están la rosa’: A Garden of Heraldry and Symbolism."  Cincinnati Romance Review 32 (Fall 2011): 86–101.
  • "Góngora's Metaphoric Construction in Two Sonnets about Women."  Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen 248.2 (2011): 350-58.
  • "Góngora and Christóvão de Moura: Portraits in Nature in the Sonnet 'Árbol, de cuyos ramos fortunados.'" Symposium: A Quarterly Journal of Modern Literature 64.1 (2010): 1-17.
  • "'Salomón Segundo' in Góngora's 'Sacros, altos dorados capiteles.'" South Carolina Modern Language Review 9.1 (2010):  32-46.

Selected Articles Prior to 2010

  • "'En una fortaleza preso queda': A Landscape of Political Allegory." Romance Notes 47.3 (2007): 245-51.
  • "The Complexity of Góngora's Poetic Textual Tradition:  Three Representative Works."  Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 34.1 (2000): 107-21.
  • "Animal Imagery in Lope de Vega's Fuente Ovejuna.Bulletin of the Comediantes 42.2 (1990): 199-214.
  • "Ekphrastic and Theatrical Interior Duplication: Irony and Verisimilitude in Don Quijote's Adventure with the Basque." Romanische Forschungen 101.2-3 (1989): 208-20.
  • "Mariann Sanders Regan's New Poetic Theory as Applied to Early Spanish Amorous Verse." Philological Quarterly 65 (1986): 1-21.
  • "Historical Truth in Góngora's Satirical Vision: Golden Age Spain as Depicted in Three Letrillas.South Atlantic Review 51.2 (1985): 17-34.
  • "The Elephant and the Rhinoceros: Stages of a Góngora Sonnet."  Romanistisches Jahrbuch 34 (1983): 308-17.
  • "The Endings of Góngora's 'Servía en Orán al Rey.'" Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 59.1 (1982): 15-20.
  • "Ekphrasis in Juan de Mena and the Marqués de Santillana."  Romance Philology 35.4 (May 1982): 609-16.

Areas of Specialization

  • Poetry of Luis de Góngora y Argote
  • Spanish Golden Age Literature
  • Visual Art in Literature

Honors and Awards

  • Nachbar Award for Scholarship, Loyola University Maryland, 2019
  • Orden de José Marti, National Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, 2019
  • Inclusion in Exhibition: "Góngora: The Never Fading Star," Naughton Gallery, Queens University, Belfast, Ireland, 2015
  • Bene Merenti Medal, Loyola University Maryland, 2012
  • Nomination: Lois Roth Award, Modern Language Association, 2011
  • Phi Beta Kappa, Honors and Distinction in Spanish, Wells College, 1973
  • Edwin V. Morgan Spanish Prize, 1973


In addition to invited lectures given over the years, several presentations have been made at the following conferences:

  • American Council of the Teachers of Foreign Language Conference
  • Cincinnati Conference on Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Conference on Pedagogy at Loyola
  • Louisiana Conference on Hispanic Languages and Literatures
  • Maryland Foreign Language Association Conference
  • Mid-America Conference on Hispanic Literature
  • Modern Language Association of America Conference
  • Northeast Modern Language Association Conference
  • Pennsylvania Foreign Language Conference
  • Philological Association of the Carolinas Conference
  • Renaissance and Baroque Spanish Poetry Conference
  • Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film