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Welcome Modern Language and Literature students!

new labThe LLC resources and friendly staff are here to help you make the most of your modern language and literature studies at Loyola. The services offered by the Language Learning Center are available to all Loyola students studying a foreign language.

We strive to be the “home base” for students engaged in modern language studies at Loyola. Just as art students have the art studio and chemistry students have the chem lab, language students have the Language Learning Center to use as a home for their studies, where they can interact regularly with other language students and instructors and feel part of a close-knit community of learners.

Our Space

language learning center floor plan

  1. Welcome Desk
  2. LLC Director's Office
  3. LLC Staff Space: The LLC Staff Spaces houses the foreign media collection and is where many services can be performed, such as VHS to DVD conversion and scanning requests.
  4. Computer Lab: New and improved! 20 computers equipped with Windows OS, Microsoft Office, Skype, and Audacity. These programs can be used by students to complete modern language course assignments and create voice recordings for professors. These computers can also be used by students to screen foreign films from our collection.
  5. Video Viewing Room 1: Accessible through the computer lab, this room accommodates 20 people and features a 60" TV screen on which students can screen films from our collection and also watch any of the international TV channels that Loyola subscribes to. A Blu-ray player, DVD player, and a VHS player are all available in this room.
  6. Reading Room: Located across from the LLC Front Desk, there is a small reading area with an armchair, a couch, and a round table with four chairs to provide students and faculty with a quiet space to read or get work done. There is a, as well as shelves filled with books and magazines from other countries.
  7. Video Viewing Room 2: Adjacent to the Reading Room, VVR2 can hold up to 20 students. This room features 7 tables, a whiteboard, and a 70" flat screen. The TV is connected to Loyola's network and can be used for presentations, film screenings, international TV viewing, and small meetings and events. The tables can be reconfigured to accommodate the needs of the reservation type.
  8. Modern Language Department: The Modern Language Department is located down the hall from the LLC, where the offices of the Modern Language faculty can be found.

entrance to the loyola language learning center reading room 

Typical Student Activities at the LLC

  • Watch foreign films for class (or for fun!) on our large-screen TVs in the Video Viewing Rooms or on one of the 30 individual student media stations in the computer lab.students in lab
  • Complete online homework or write papers for upper-level courses. All computers have the U.S. international keyboard installed, as well as various other foreign keyboards such as Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Record your voice (for oral projects or internet-based homework assignments such as MyLab and En Vivo) in the computer lab or the private Video Editing Room (MH 446) equipped with microphone, headphones, and speakers.
  • Use our video editing software such as iMovie and iDVD for multimedia class projects.
  • Do class reading or group projects in the cozy and quiet atmosphere of the Modern Language Reading Room (MH 442).
  • Enjoy our selection of international periodicals, magazines, and foreign language board games provided in the Reading Room for in-house use.

Study Abroad

For information about study abroad, visit International Programs (for information about Loyola programs and partnerships) or National Fellowships (for information about scholarships available to students and graduates who want to study abroad).

Student Employment

The LLC is always accepting applications for student employees. To learn more, come visit us or email us at loyolallc@loyola.edu.


Unfortunately the LLC is not a designated station for public printing, however, the following locations are designated for public printing throughout campus:

  • College Center Middle 016
  • Beatty Hall 221
  • Donnelly Science 151b
  • College Center 104
  • College Center 109
  • College Center 110
  • College Center 271
  • Knott Hall 002
  • Knott Hall Breezeway
  • Sellinger Lobby

Proctored Placement Tests

If you would like more information about the proctored placement tests offered by the Language Learning Center, please visit this site: Proctored Placement Test.