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Perceptive Content

Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) is a content management software developed by Lexmark (formerly Perceptive Software).  Four core areas include Perceptive Content, Perceptive Search, and Perceptive Process, Perceptive Capture. The features listed below are some of the ways Loyola is utilizing the software:

  • Ability to capture documents by scan paper documents via a physical scanner
  • Print an electronic document/image directly into the imaging system (Perceptive Content)
  • Import documents directly into Perceptive Content from vendors files or an email address
  • Capture electronic forms (Transforms) directly into Perceptive Content
  • Manually rescan documents to improve quality of image
  • Linking enables index values or document properties can be assigned to documents manually, via a script, or by linking to the business application plan (Colleague, 422, Recruiter)
  • Electronic dynamic forms can exist within Perceptive Content and be associated with another document or folder
  • Content may be stored as documents or folders (a group of documents with a similar purpose)
  • Documents may be annotated to provide additional information regarding process completion or verification
  • Content can be routed via workflow within a department or across departments, and either be routed sequentially or parallel
  • Content can be searched in multiple ways based on the index values defined
  • Tasks can be created and routed to users for their approval
  • Filters can be created for easy search of content
  • Views can allow for specific layout of the content displaying the index values required for processing
  • Relationships can be created to view documents with a shared purpose
  • Security can be provided at multiple levels - by groups of users or individuals, by documents or folders, by the drawer where the content is located, by eform, annotation, or tasks
  • Reports are available to provide data on the content, workflow, tasks, security
  • Records Management allows a retention schedule to be created for content based on index values, thus enabling documents to be archived or deleted in accordance with policy and compliance requirements

Lexmark's national conference, Inspire, held every year during April brings Lexmark customers, partners and associates together to share knowledge and gain insight into their Capture, Content, Process and Search technologies. With educational sessions, multiple networking events, inspirational keynotes, the Inspire conference has many opportunities to learn new ways to improve Loyola's performance.