Loyola University Maryland

Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion

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Be Supported

The office of student support and wellness promotion encourages healthy living by offering individual support services and counseling through:

  • Comprehensive support strategies;
  • Consistent and ongoing follow-up;
  • Individual counseling for alcohol and drug-related issues and;
  • Support groups:
    • Adult Children of Alcoholics
    • Students in Recovery

Be Aware

College life requires students to make choices. Do I:

  • Reflect?
  • Ask for help?
  • Drink?
  • Use drugs?
  • Act on my impulses?
  • Give up?

Sometimes the choices we make are accompanied by unexpected and serious challenges.

  • Conflict;
  • Crisis;
  • Hospitalization;
  • Treatment and;
  • Separate from the University

Be Connected

The office of student support and wellness promotion is committed to promoting individual development and fostering relationships for and with others.

Be Well!