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Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion

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The office of student support and wellness promotion seeks to enhance students’ overall development in healthy, proactive, and integrative ways. We use a student-focused approach for addressing emotional and substance-related issues, and our interaction with students is rooted in the utmost respect for each student’s unique identity, perspective, and life experience. We encourage students to engage in self-reflection in order to remain healthy and promote wellness within themselves and among the University community.

Student Support During COVID-19

During this time of transition for families, students, faculty, administrators, and staff at Loyola, the Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion is aware that many people in our community are seeking new and/or ongoing support for various concerns. Please let us share several links that may be useful to you during this time when all of us may benefit from support and the ability to communicate care to one another. Although social distancing is imperative to our physical health right now, our dedication to you remains close to our hearts. Please see below to review some resources that may be helpful to you at this time: