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Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion

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Welcome Home New Students!

The office of student support and wellness promotion seeks to enhance students’ overall development in healthy, proactive, and integrative ways. We use a student-focused approach for addressing emotional and substance-related issues, and our interaction with students is rooted in the utmost respect for each student’s unique identity, perspective, and life experience. We encourage students to engage in self-reflection in order to remain healthy and promote wellness within themselves and among the University community.

A Message of Hope and Solidarity from SSWP

The Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion (SSWP) is anchored in the belief that preserving human dignity, affirming the inherent value of every person, and cultivating a genuine sensitivity toward the intersecting aspects of identities is the foundation for community unification. We know that appropriate guidance, authentic willingness to learn about different perspectives, and meaningful support from those around us are the instruments that inspire compassion and courage. We have the ability to change. We can do more when we recognize that change is not an option – it is an expectation. We support you.

Better Choices, Better Hounds

The Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion (SSWP) is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that our students are well-prepared for some of the challenges they may face during their college journey.  More specifically, SSWP understands that in addition to alcohol and other drug misuse, living respectfully within a diverse and inclusive community are of paramount importance to our Loyola family.  Therefore, Loyola University Maryland offers an interactive and relevant approach to educating our new students about the standards we uphold at Loyola.  Online training modules include the following components:


Designed for first-year students, AlcoholEdu is an engaging, harm-reduction program that applies the latest evidence-based prevention methods to inspire students to make healthy decisions about alcohol and other drugs.

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

As more students are coming to college each year with prescriptions for anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, and chronic pain, this course provides the appropriate information and tools to help students understand and prevent prescription drug abuse.

Diversity Inclusion and Training for College Students

This training module emphasizes the importance of creating and maintaining a community in which students feel safe, included, and prepared to learn in a diverse and changing world. 

Sexual Assault Prevention

This online course will expose students to the critical issues associated with gender-based harassment and violence and equip students with the necessary information to care for themselves and the Loyola community.