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Care Team

The Care Team is comprised of a small group of professionals in roles which allow for a thoughtful, multidisciplinary approach to assist students of concern by offering intervention which includes resources and support when a student is facing financial, academic, health and well-being or social educational matters interfering with one’s ability to thrive inside and outside of the classroom. The CARE Team is not a disciplinary entity.


  • Determine the best outreach/follow-up.
  • Connect students to resources/make appropriate referrals.
  • Team collaboration – to assess when the interventions have provided effective support and additional Care Team follow-up is no longer needed.

Who can refer a student to the Care Team?

Any student, staff, faculty member or off-campus friend or family member.

We encourage anyone who is concerned about a student’s well-being or overall success to share their concern through an electronic Care Team referral form. Please don’t assume someone else has, the team will consolidate information. It is better to have duplicates than no report at all.

Care Team referral form

What are some concerns worthy of a Care Team referral?

Below are a few examples, however, please trust your discernment. Your referral could be critical to the Care Team in determining whether an expressed concern is an isolated event or a sign that a student is experiencing more significant challenges.

  • A student’s academic or social behaviors change suddenly (most specifically deteriorating).
  • Difficulty adjusting to life in the community.
  • Progressive changes in physical appearance/hygiene
  • Missing a significant number of classes in more than one subject noticeably missing from other routine meetings or social gatherings, and difficult to reach by phone, email, and text.
  • Significant change in weight, fatigue, and lack of interest in food/drink.
  • Self-disclosure of distress.
  • Upsetting or change of life events (passing of a loved one, end of a relationship) that are causing distress.

Crisis Support and Emergencies

The Care Team does not manage matters or incidents requiring immediate response! Care Team referrals are monitored during typical Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. business hours and are not monitored after-hours (nights, weekends, University closings, or during official holidays).

Please contact public safety at 410-617-5911 if there is an immediate risk of self-harm or harm to others in the community.

Meet the Care Team

The CARE Team is coordinated through the Office of Student Support & Wellness Promotion (within the Division of Student Development) and is made up of a minimum of one member from the following offices:

*The Counseling Center and Student Health, serve on the team in advisory roles to offer general guidance with health and well-being-related inquiry. Counseling and Health Services do not share confidential information. 

The Care Team (at times) extends beyond this group to best support a student’s needs. This may mean partnering with Residence Life & Housing on-call staff, Athletics, or the Title IX office, to name a few.


Please contact the Care Team co-chair:

Ejuma Adoga 
Case Manager 
Student Support & Wellness Promotion

If you have an urgent question/concern for a student after-hours or on weekends and believe someone needs to contact a student, please call the Public Safety non-emergency line at (410) 617-5010 to reach an on-call staff person. Dispatch will take your name and number.

Additional Resources

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