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Student Life

Forms & Documents

The following forms and documents are provided below (in alphabetical order) to help educate and guide residents through Student Life processes and procedures. If you have questions regarding any of these forms and documents, please contact the Office of Student Life at studentlife@loyola.edu.

Bedroom Change Form (Back to Top)
To be completed by a resident who wishes to swap bedrooms with a roommate in their current unit. All residents in the unit who are impacted by the room (swappers and direct roommates) need to complete separate forms.

Bedroom Change Process (Back to Top)
More information regarding the Bedroom Change Process.

Bias Report (Back to Top)
Please use this system to report any instances of age, gender, religion, race, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, disability, and/or other targeted aspects of one’s identity.

Community Standards (Back to Top)
Includes information, policies, and procedures for Student Conduct, University Regulations, and Residence Hall Guidelines.

Break Extension Requests (Back to Top)
Information about contract extensions, opening and closing schedules, and how to apply.

Fall Early Arrivals (Back to Top)
Information about request to arrive before move in date. 

Housing Accommodations (Back to Top)
Learn more about Disability Support Services and how to apply for housing accommodations

Housing Contract 2018-2019 (Back to Top)
An electronic copy of the 2018-2019 Residence Contract.

Housing Contract Cancellation Request Form (Back to Top)
Should be completed by a resident requesting to cancel their housing contract when the term has already begun (i.e. after Fall semester has begun)

Housing Contract Pre-Term Cancellation Request Form (Back to Top)
To be completed by a resident who is requesting to cancel their housing contract before the contract takes effect (i.e. before Fall semester starts).

Meal Plan Change Request Form (Back to Top)
For Fall residents who would like to change their meal plan for Spring semester.

Move Out / Check Out Information (Back to Top)
Information, policies, procedures, and fees associated with moving/checking out of the residence halls.

Move Out Housing Damages, Charges, and Appeals (Back to Top)
Information about housing damages, charges, and appeals.

Move Week / Room Change Process (Back to Top)
Information regarding Room Changes and Move Week.

Opening and Closing Schedule (Back to Top)
A complete list of dates when the halls open and close.

Program Resource Form (Back to Top)
The Office of Student Life is dedicated to fostering involved and inclusive residential communities. Please use this form to request any resources that help meet this aim.

Reduced Course Load Request Form (Back to Top)
To be completed by a resident who drops below 12 credits during the Fall and Spring semesters. If approved, this request would allow a student to stay on campus as a part time student. Please note that this is only approved once during a student's time at Loyola.

Room Profile Form (Back to Top)
To be completed when residents have a vacancy and they want their preferences and culture of their unit to be available to students looking to change rooms.

Roommate Pull-In Request Form (Back to Top)
To be completed by current residents (students who are currently living on campus) who would like to request to "pull-in" students who are applying to be on campus for the next semester. Please note that more guidelines are provided within the form.

Sexual Violence, Relationship Violence and Stalking Report (Back to Top)
This form is available for students, employees, or any concerned person who would like to report information involving sexual violence matters. This includes instances of sexual assault, dating violence, relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and gender based discrimination.

Silent Witness Form (Back to Top)
Please use this form to silently report information to Campus Police and Public Safety.

Substance Free Housing Info & Application (Back to Top)
Learn more about Substance Free Housing and how to apply.

Request Housing / Returning from Leave Form (Back to Top)
To be completed by students wishing to return to housing.