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Holiday Cybersecurity Tips

Social media hacker graphicAs you do your holiday shopping and travel around the holidays, keep in mind these tips for keeping your information secure.

Public Wifi

  • Avoid utilizing public wifi as much as possible, especially when dealing with personal and financial information on the web
  • Consider using a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your internet connection and keep information private and secure


  • Ensure that you install antivirus and any other forms of cybersecurity software on all of your devices
  • Keep browsers and systems consistently up-to-date to prevent malware or other viruses from accessing your sensitive data

Scams and Phishing

  • Be very careful when approaching pop-up ads on social media, shopping sites, and in unfamiliar emails
  • Verify prices and buy products from legitimate retail websites
  • Understand the functions of internet-connected smart devices and what information they can collect and use


  • Refrain from using debit cards to make online purchases, as they are directly bank-linked
  • Credit cards have laws to limit your liability and prevent instances of insufficient funds
  • Additional services linked to your credit card are encouraged

URLs and Hyperlinks

  • Check the site address you are planning to interact with to ensure it is accurate character-for-character
  • Check for SSL encryption by looking for the "S" after HTTP in the browser URL bar to verify a site is secure before entering information


  • If you believe you are a victim of malware, phishing, or scamming, immediately disconnect from the internet without turning off your device and call the Help Center at ext. 5555
  • If you can't contact Tech Services, reach out to the involved organizations/companies to encourage further investigation