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Email Encryption

When an encrypted email is sent from a Loyola sender, the recipient will receive an email indicating they have received a message encrypted by Microsoft Office 365, including an attachment with the protected message.

Activation Receipt

The recipient should download and view the attachment, which will include instructions to view the message.

Email Address Confirmation

The recipient has two options to read the email. The first is to get a one-time passcode e-mailed to them, which is valid for 15 minutes. If the recipient selects that option, he or she will see a web page similar to:

Login after Registration


When they receive the email, it will contain the passcode.

Login Screen

Copy and paste the passcode into the previous web page.

Click OK

After entering the passcode, the recipient will be able to read the encrypted message. 

Account Activation


Alternatively, instead of using a one-time passcode, the recipient can register an email account with Microsoft. If that option is chosen, that account can be used to read future encrypted emails. To create an account, follow the steps after clicking the "sign in" link from the original email. 


Receiving a New Encrypted Message