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Who can use Citrix?: Loyola Staff, faculty or students

Summary: Allows you to access the Loyola Anywhere Apps on your iOS device, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other software specific to your department or role at Loyola. Also, allows for access to the G: and H: network drives

Cost: Free

To set-up Citrix, first locate and install the Citrix Receiver App in the Android Market

Citrix Receiver App

Once installed, launch the Citrix App.


Select "Get Started" under  "Set-up My Enterprise Apps"

Get Started

Type  https://ctx.loyola.edu  into the address field

Add Account

Fill in your Loyola username and password, as well as  ad.loyola.edu  for the domain. Select Add.


You will now have a list of Apps you can run through Citrix. The Apps available to you will vary based on department. Click any App to launch it.


After loading, you will then be running that App on your Android device. To save to or open from the G: or H: drive, select File and Open/Save.


Listed under computer will be your G: and H: drives. You can navigate to a destination on the drives to save or open a file. Note that the Documents folder will redirect to your G: drive, but the Desktop will not-- do not save to the Desktop or your work will be lost!
G: and H: Drive

If your question/problem was not answered here, please call the OTS at x5555 or email OTS@loyola.edu.

*Note: all screenshots on this page are taken on a Samsung Galaxy Tab. The images on your Droid device or OS version may differ