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Manage Your Two Factor Devices and Settings

Duo also has features to allow you to manage your own second factor devices and settings. It can be useful to add your home or office landline phones to the system so that you can authenticate with a phone call should you not have your mobile phone with you. In order to do this, you’ll need to have first provisioned a second factor device as in the above directions so that you can verify yourself to the system.

In order to manage your settings, when you first enter your Loyola username and password and you’re presented with this screen below. On the left side of the screen (circled in red in this example) are options for adding a new device to use for two factor authentication and to manage your settings. Adding a new device works just like the process outlined in Enroll in Two Factor Authentication. To manage your own settings, click “My Settings & Devices.”

The system will ask you to two factor authenticate with a device that you have already enrolled. Select an option here and complete the two factor process.

Next, you will see a menu of settings that you can change as you wish. The first is to set up your default device. This is the device that the system will assume you want to use automatically unless you tell it otherwise (like if you forget your smartphone one day at work).

Choose a default device, and if you want to, check the option over on the right for “Automatically send me a: Duo Push” (if you’re using a smartphone), or “Automatically send me a: Phone Call” (if you’re using a landline or non-smartphone for your default device).

If you select one of these options, you’ll no longer be prompted for your second factor when you try to log in to Workspace. You’ll put in your Loyola username and password, and the system will automatically send you your default push or phone call. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see an area for managing your devices:

From here, you can make settings like changing the name of a device, reactivating Duo Mobile on a device, or deleting a device.

If you need to add a new device, just click “Add a New Device” on the left hand side and the system will walk you through an easy process for setting yourself up with a new device. One helpful hint is to add your Loyola office phone number as a new device so if you forget your cell phone at home one day you’ll still be able to use your office phone for two factor authentication.