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Using Personal Devices with Two-Factor Authentication

Loyola believes that by using Duo Security we have selected the two factor authentication system which provides the least intrusive, easiest user experience combined with the best security. However, we do understand that there may be some concerns from employees about using a personally owned device with the Duo Mobile app. Here are the answers to some common questions about personal devices and Duo Mobile.

Will Duo Mobile take up space on my device?

Installing the Duo Mobile application will take up approximately 8MB of space on your mobile device. This is approximately the same size as one song stored in the MP3 format. For comparison, the smallest amount of storage available on an iPhone at the current time is 16GB. This means that the Duo Mobile app would take up less than 0.005% (that’s 5 thousandths of one percent) of the available space on the average phone.

Will installing Duo Mobile use my personal data plan?

As noted above, installing the Duo Mobile app will use about 8MB of data to download and install the app. On a typical 5GB / month data plan that costs $75, that means that the cost of the data allocation used to download and install the app would be less than $0.001 (that’s one tenth of one cent). In addition, if you join your phone to Loyola’s WiFi network while on campus and download the app while you’re on WiFi, you will not use any of your personal data, and Loyola will incur the charges for the data usage to install the app.

Will using the “Push” notifications in Duo Mobile use my personal data plan?

While there is a transmission of data to the phone for each Push notification, that transmission is only several bytes in size, which makes it so small a portion of the average consumer data plan so as to be nearly un-measurable. In addition to this, if, as above, you are connected to Loyola’s WiFi network while using Duo Mobile during the day, the data transmission will take place over WiFi and will not use your personal data allocation. Finally, if you do not want to use data at all, when prompted for your second factor you may launch the Duo Mobile application and tap the key icon which will generate a numeric code. You then enter this numeric code as your second factor. Using this method uses zero data at all, because the code is generated locally on your phone.