Loyola University Maryland

Technology Services


Internal and/or External Websites

All new websites are created in concert with web communications. You can submit your request via the project request form. Your requirements for the website will determine on which platform it will be hosted.

  • External website - if it is determined that your site is mainly for an external audience, web communications will work with you to create the appropriate content and it will be hosted on Sitecore, the University's content management system.
  • Internal website - if the main audience is internal constituents, your site will most likely be housed inside of the University's portal system, powered by ActiveCampus and developed on top of Sharepoint.
  • Internal and external website - if your site has content applicable for both internal and external constituencies, web communications will work with you on the appropriate content and then will determine on which platform the content will be hosted.


Standard web form should be requested through web communications's web update form.

Ecommerce forms must be requested through student administrative services's ecommerce form.

Update a Current Loyola Website

To get access to update your site, you will need to first attend Sitecore training.

To request an update to another department's site (e.g. if you notice an error or typo), please submit a web update form.

Personal Websites

If you are creating your own personal website and would like to use Loyola's personal page space, you will create all of your HTML pages and save them inside of your WWW folder on your G Drive. HTML tutorials are available from HTML Goodies.

Faculty/Admin/Staff Personal Pages

Current faculty/admin/staff can create their own webpages using their G: drives.

Student Personal Pages

If you are a current undergraduate or graduate student, you have 100MB of network storage space (your G: drive) that you can use for your website and/or for storing other files. To access your G: drive from a computer on campus, simply log in to the computer and double click on “My Computer.” You will see an icon for your G: drive. (Learn how to access your network storage from off-campus).

Your space will remain available during your enrollment at Loyola and for one year after the completion of your final semester. After that, any files you have stored in this space will be deleted.

To see your stuff via the web, just type in the following address in any web browser: http://studentpersonalpages.loyola.edu/username/www (replace "username" with your Loyola username)

See detailed information on creating a web page.

Loyola Logo Permissions

If you need a copy of the Loyola Logo, you must contact creative services and explain the reason for its use. Creative services will then determine the best format and send you the logo.

  • The Loyola logo can not be manipulated in any way.
  • The Loyola Crest can not be used as a design element.
  • The Loyola Seal can only be used to refer to the President of the University.