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Welcome to Loyola! We know that students have important demands when it comes to technology, and we are here to help you navigate through all of the technology resources that Loyola has to offer. Loyola students have access to our Help Center, which is responsible for the management and oversight of all student interaction with Loyola’s technology. The Help Center strives to maintain awareness of students’ technology needs and to stay current with the challenging and dynamic methods used to learn and to socialize in an academic environment. When you have a technology concern or question, Help Center is your resource.

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Learn more about the technology resources available to you as a student below:

Inside Loyola

Inside.loyola.edu is an online campus portal for the Loyola community that offers access to student news, web-hosted software, email and campus communications.  


Email accounts are provided to all students by Microsoft Office 365. Students can access Loyola email using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook on the web. You can access your account from Inside Loyola or by navigating directly to https://houndmail.loyola.edu/.

Network Password Requirements

Loyola passwords must meet certain requirements and be changed every six months.

Your Loyola password allows you to gain access to the following Loyola systems:

  • Inside Loyola
  • Moodle
  • Office 365
  • WebAdvisor and Self Service
  • HoundNet campus wireless network
  • Authentication to other Loyola systems

See instructions for updating your password and tips on how to make a strong password.

WebAdvisor and Self Service

WebAdvisor and Self Service provide students access to registration, class information, grades, billing information, financial aid and more.

Moodle & Technology Support

Moodle is your one stop resource for most of your classroom needs! This is where professors post material that supplements their classes, such as announcements, contact information, online assignments, course content (text and multimedia), and external links. You can also see who is in your class!

Student Technology Support

Purchasing a Personal Computer

Loyola is partnered with Apple and Lenovo to provide special discounts on various products.


Wireless internet service is available in all residence halls and in all academic buildings.

The available Wireless networks are:

HoundNet: This is the primary encrypted WiFi network at Loyola. It requires a device capable of supporting WPA2-Enterprise and a Loyola username and password. HoundNet will provide the best experience for computers, tablets, and cell phones.

HoundNet_Guest: HoundNet_Guest is an unencrypted open network. This network is for wifi devices that don't support WPA2-Enterprise, such as Smart TVs, Roku devices, gaming devices, etc. This network also provides access to guests visiting Loyola.


All students are issued $15 of HoundPrint Credits on their Evergreen Card each semester.

Students can use mobile printing to send documents to any print station on campus by attaching the document to an email (from your @loyola.edu address) and sending it to houndprintbw@loyola.edu         or houndprintcolor@loyola.edu.

Learn more about HoundPrint!

Microsoft Office 365

Students can access Microsoft Office 365 through https://office.loyola.edu/ and logging in with their Loyola username and password. After logging in, “Install Office” on the upper right-hand corner of the page, and choose “Office 365 apps”.  Double click the installation file when the download is complete.  Your Office 365 subscription includes full access to apps for computers (Mac or PC), mobile devices (tablet or smartphone), and the web. 

Loyola Policy on Illegal File-Sharing

In alignment with federal guidelines governing copyright infringement, Loyola has adopted a policy regarding the illegal downloading of content on the University network. Students should read and understand the legal ramifications of downloading and sharing copyrighted materials.

Loyola Workspace

Loyola Workspace is a secure dashboard of university applications that can be accessed and run from most anywhere in the world with the same ubiquitous experience for all users.  Students, faculty, administrators, and staff will not need to have university applications installed on their machines, university-owned or otherwise.  Instead, anyone with a web browser and internet connection can access and use full desktop applications and access secure websites.  Access Loyola Workspace by visiting workspace.loyola.edu.

Can't find what you're looking for? Browse support topics or email ots@loyola.edu.