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Office of Educational Technology

Faculty Technology Grant


The purpose of this grant is to encourage faculty to explore educational technologies to enhance the effectiveness of their courses and to enable them to support their peers in their endeavors to adopt appropriate technology in teaching and learning. This is open to both beginning and advanced projects.

Program Eligibility

At this time the program is open to all full-time faculty members teaching at Loyola University Maryland who are interested in sharing their findings with the community.


The aim of this grant is to:

  • Provide a focused period of time for faculty to learn the benefits of adopting a new technology to enhance their course.
  • Encourage faculty to partner with Loyola instructional technology specialists as needed.
  • Provide funding for the purchase of hardware and software as needed for the project.
  • Provide a proof of concept for a new teaching practice involving the new technology.
  • Provide a forum to exchange ideas regarding educational technologies, pedagogies and learn from peer best practices, through dissemination to the larger Loyola community.


The expected outcome of this project is the integration and/or use of the new technology into an upcoming academic year course and an enhanced student learning experience through the use of the new technology, as well as ongoing participation in one learning community around a set topic.


Faculty should submit a proposal to incorporate a new technology, unfamiliar to them, into a specific course or learning module, providing the anticipated benefits of the new technology for teaching the material and for students in their learning experience. Justification for the new technology should be provided, even if anecdotal. The application deadlines are July 15 and January 22.


Faculty will be provided up to $1,000 for the purchase of hardware and software. If the cost of the project will exceed $1,000, please provide a statement verifying the additional amount has been secured through another source. Any purchases made with the grant funding will remain the property of Loyola University.

Faculty members agree to present their project results at an appropriate faculty development venue and agree to be featured on Loyola sponsored internal and external websites and marketing materials.

Application Instructions

Complete the form below. Be sure to attach a description of your project goals (roughly one double-spaced page, Word or PDF). Please mention the course, module or other curricular area you hope to change and how the incorporation of technology will benefit the course delivery. If instructional technology training and/or support for the project is needed, please include the anticipated need as a project requirement for achieving the desired goal.

Review and Selection

The application will be reviewed by the Faculty Technology Center and the CIO, in consultation with the appropriate Dean. The review will be to determine project alignment with University goals and to determine what resources are necessary and available. Additional evaluation criteria are:

  • impact on the course or departmental curriculum;
  • impact on the broader Loyola faculty community level of expertise;
  • feasibility of the project, cost and effort, as determined by the Office of Educational Technology.

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