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How to Become a Loyola Writing Center Tutor

Do you have a passion for language and a desire to make a difference?

Loyola University Maryland's Writing Center is seeking exceptional students to join our dedicated team of tutors. This unique opportunity allows you to:

  • Empower your peers and community members: Guide fellow students and participants in the Bridges program towards becoming confident and effective writers.
  • Develop valuable leadership skills: Gain hands-on experience that enhances your resume, builds your communication abilities, and prepares you for future leadership roles.
  • Sharpen your own writing expertise: Deepen your understanding of writing theory and practice through engaging discussions, critical analysis, and collaboration with experienced tutors.
  • Become part of a supportive community: Join a network of like-minded peers passionate about writing and dedicate to helping others succeed.

Here's what sets our program apart:

  • Faculty nomination: Be recognized by your professor for your exceptional writing skills and potential to excel as a tutor.
  • Learn from the best: Gain practical knowledge and observe veteran tutors in action, acquiring essential strategies for effective tutoring.
  • Develop your teaching voice: Engage in vibrant discussions, critical reflections, and evaluations, honing your ability to explain writing concepts clearly and effectively.
  • Apply your skills directly: Gain 2 hours weekly of hands-on tutoring experience, receiving valuable feedback and refining your skills through real-world practice.

We will start taking nominations March 15th! Once approved by the Writing Center you will be allowed to register for WR323. 

If you have any questions contact Professor Micer, Professor Lewis, or Professor Ross in an email with “Tutor Nomination” in the subject line. 

We look forward to hearing from you!