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Resources for Faculty

Tutor Ambassadors / Classroom Visits

Upon request, the Writing Center can send a tutor or staff member to a particular class to facilitate classroom activities or simply to introduce Writing Center services and programs to the students. These visits may last anywhere from five to thirty minutes depending on the needs of the instructor. Our tutors do a really great job with this! To request a class visit, please contact the Supervisor, Dominic Micer, at

Referral Reports

Faculty are invited to refer students either in person or via the syllabus. If you require your students to use the center for specific assignments, it would also be helpful to email the Writing Center a copy of the assignment sheet and the class size. It will be helpful for us to have your syllabus and copies of specific assignments so that our tutors can be familiar with the assignment and your expectations.

In addition, it is important to know that we have a different software system for appointments, Accudemia, and the process used in the past is no longer viable. Therefore, because it is more time-consuming for the tutors, we are using a new process for faculty to account for student use of the Writing Center.

Accudemia has a robust feature for running reports. To recieve a complete accounting of your student use of the Writing Center, we ask that you send an email requesting a report be run for the class you sent to the Writing Center. In the email provide the course and section, the assignment due dates, and class-list of student names (please do not send ID numbers or any other information) to the Supervisor, Dominic Micer, at

If you want to identify specific students who could benefit from continued writing center support, please let us know how we can assist you and the student.

Naturally, midterm and finals weeks are very busy, so if you anticipate sending your students during these periods, please add additional planning time so that we can accommodate your students, particularly if you have a large class.