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Illustration of a video camera coming out of a backpack

Backpack Video Production

An immersive class that teaches students professional video production skills

As technology has evolved, so has storytelling. Stories have become more visually compelling and far-reaching through a variety of formats and platforms.

Students in Loyola’s Backpack Video Production course learn to use their smartphones, cameras, and other digital devices to create visually rich multimedia content. Herbert Jay Dunmore, television studio manager, teaches the three-credit course. He introduces students to professional field production techniques, teaching them about aerial videography, photography, motion graphics, and cloud-based production workflows.

Dunmore was selected as a presenter for the 2020 AdobeMAX global virtual conference, during which he was able to share the Backpack Video Production experience with instructors from around the globe. More than 2,500 people registered for the session. 

It was a great experience, with great feedback and results, said Dunmore, who shared a recording of the live session.

Close up shot of a student operating a video camera
Group of students setting up cameras outside; other students sitting at benches to be filmed Two students filming another student sitting by a tree

Unlike any other video course

The Backpack Video Production course provides an overview of the video production process through a guided approach, which equips students with knowledge of digital media production for social media and online. Participants produce videos and graphics using their digital devices, and Adobe software.

Group of students looking at video editing software on a TV

The focus of this class is to show students how to produce content with the technology they already have—whether it’s a cell phone, digital camera, or video camera. In this class, we teach students how to get the most out of their media, through video, sound, and graphics.

Bringing the topic of video production to life

Light, sound, and picture are the core elements of any media production. These topics are brought to life through real-world scenarios, which are reflected in the projects. The hands-on approach to applying these skills make the experience worthwhile. Students are guided through the production process, and they can evaluate their progress at each stage of the course.

Unique projects that offer real-world experience

One of the topics covered in Backpack Video Production is photo composition, which teaches students how to enhance the images on a camera or device with filters and effects. These skills are ideal for stories and other social media posts.

Student kneeling while filming a flame at a memorial in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Students receiving instructions on video camera operation

Another project, Travel Story, is a vlog-style presentation that guides the viewer through the students’ favorite place or establishment. Students learn how to create graphics to enhance the story. The end result is a professional-quality video that can be used as a portfolio project and saved in the formats for social media and the web.

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