Making an impact through Spectrum

Spectrum is Loyola’s LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, +) club on campus.

We are comprised of a strong and growing group of members and allies of the LGBT community who advocate for understanding and recognition on campus, in Baltimore, and on a global scale.

A student with a rainbow painted on her cheek with other students blurred in the background

In our diverse and changing world, Spectrum aims to expose Loyola’s campus to and inform our community of LGBTQIA issues to promote awareness and acceptance.

As students at a Jesuit university, it is our duty and privilege to be able to educate and advocate for inclusion of all people, no matter their sexual orientation, gender, race, or anything else.

I have been a member of Spectrum since my first year at Loyola. Being part of a club that makes a difference on campus and its culture and climate is unique. It’s also pretty powerful.

Spectrum provides resources and executes social gatherings, outreach services, educational events, and community advocacy programs to the Loyola community—including students, faculty, staff, administrators, and friends and allies to the LGBTQIA community.

Spectrum also holds biweekly meetings during which we plan events, welcome guest speakers from the Baltimore community, and hold educational sessions on the various identities the club represents and the issues these populations face.

A female student standing outside in a doorframe with a rainbow flag draped on the door A male student and a faculty advisor standing outside in a doorframe with a rainbow flag draped on the door Two female students standing outside in a doorframe with a rainbow flag draped on the door

Every year Spectrum organizes a Coming Out Day event, as well as a Sexual Diversity and Gender Awareness Week (SDGAW). Our student executive board plans the events. The club moderators are involved in the planning and logistics, and we all get to see our ideas come to life on Loyola’s campus.

The student-run programs and panels during SDGAW feature different members of our community who have the opportunity to share their thoughts, experiences, and hopes for the future with one another.

Three panelists seen from behind talking in front of a classroom full of students A professor sitting on a stool in front of a crowded classroom

Being a member of Spectrum is important to me and to others because we get to make an impact on campus and beyond. We support the people with whom we share this community. We don’t just talk about ideas or hopes for the future of Loyola; we work to make those dreams a reality through education, support, respect, and understanding. To me, that’s something pretty special.

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Originally from Riegelsville, Pennsylvania, Rachel Stoczko studied marketing at Loyola. In addition to her involvement with Spectrum, she served an Evergreen and hosted shows on WLOY, the university’s radio station.