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Pledging Membership for Beta Alpha Psi

In the fall of Junior year, qualifying accounting majors will be invited by the faculty moderator to pledge Beta Alpha Psi. In some instances, sophomores may receive an informal invitation in their spring semester.

Pledging Requirements

  • Attendance at Beta Alpha Psi meetings;
  • Maintain a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.25 GPA in all upper-level accounting courses and;
  • Complete tutoring and community service requirements (20 hours in the first semester, 15 hours after that. Of those hours, 4 must be tutoring and 4 must be other service).

Membership Benefits

  1. Meetings provide opportunities for professional networking with recruiters and company representatives.
  2. Beta Alpha Psi is respected internationally by accounting professionals and, therefore, is a great résumé builder.
  3. Beta Alpha Psi members are provided with information on the latest internship and career opportunities as well as scholarships offered by the most prestigious accounting firms in the world.

Beta Alpha Psi, 1919

Upcoming Events

Check out the upcoming meetings and events that BAP has in store by viewing our calendar.

Contact Us

Please send any questions or comments to:

Nick Firestine
President, Loyola Chapter