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Pitch Competition Entry Process

Undergraduate and graduate students from all schools and disciplines are invited to submit proposals for the “Rising to the Challenge: Ideas to Help Build a Better Baltimore” poster and pitch competition on March 27 from 6 - 8 p.m. Students are asked to submit proposals responding to the following prompt: "Develop an initiative, service or product that contributes to Baltimore's economic and social well-being." Prize money will be awarded to the top three pitches, as well as to the team that receives the audience's vote. Students can enter the competition individually or form teams (up to four students).

Students participating in the pitch competition are encouraged to attend two workshops to receive training and guidance from faculty and professionals as to how to come up with an idea, how to prepare a poster that captures an idea and proposed solution, and how to successfully pitch/communicate your idea. 


How do I come up with an idea for my proposal? 

First, identify a challenge. If you need help identifying a challenge, please view our list of reports on Baltimore and additional resources. The reports cover challenges including economic and workforce development, education, poverty, drugs, inequality, criminal justice system, prisoner re-entry program, homelessness, healthcare delivery, innovation, and more. Then talk to friends, form a team (between two and four Loyola students—undergraduate or graduate). Bring your team to an upcoming resource workshop (see dates/time below) and receive support from faculty. 

At the workshop you will learn how to:  

  • research challenges
  • identify compelling need
  • think through an innovative idea
  • brainstorm solutions
  • implement your idea
  • capture your idea on a poster
  • pitch your idea

What is the proposal criteria? 

Proposals should respond to the challenge prompt: Develop an initiative, service or product that contributes to Baltimore's economic and social well-being.

The survey you will use to submit your proposal is designed to learn more about your idea.  It asks you to respond to the following (each response can be no longer than 150 words):

  • Describe your team's idea and explain the compelling need it responds to.
  • Describe the target audience for this idea.  
  • Explain how you will market your idea. 
  • Indicate what you would do to ensure the idea can be sustained. 
  • Describe how you would implement this idea (how you translate the idea into action). 
  • Explain the nature and level of impact this idea would have on Baltimore.  

When are the resource workshops? 

Date Time Location Workshop
Feb. 8  5:30 - 7:30 p.m. SH 008 

Finding & Researching the Problem and Brainstorming Solutions & Implementing Ideas  

March 12  5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

IdeaSpace - Library, First Floor

Communication Primer - Preparing Your Poster and Pitch
*In order to be competitive in the process, it is highly recommended for individuals/teams with accepted proposals to attend this workshop.

Food and beverages will be provided for workshop attendees. To rsvp, please email BBWTB@loyola.edu.  

Are the workshops mandatory? 

No. While the workshops are not mandatory for proposal submissions, we encourage all teams (or a representative from a team) to attend in order to gain access to faculty resources.

Can't attend a resource workshop in person? 

View the pre-recorded workshop from the 2018 event series

When is the proposal due? 

Please check back from 2019 event details and deadlines. 

How do I submit a proposal?

Submit Proposal.

What happens after the proposal is submitted?  Tell me more about the structure of the competition.

  1. By March 9, 2018, individual presenters or team leaders will hear from the proposal review committee regarding whether the proposal was accepted.  If your proposal was accepted, you will be provided information on the poster requirements and the judgment criteria (the rubric that judges will be using) for the pitch competition on March 22, 2018.
  2. Each individual or team will then create a poster displaying the team's idea and the information included in the proposal.  This poster portion of the competition will create a dynamic similar to a science fair. The suggested poster size is 48"x48" or 48"x42". We are working with Central Printing on-campus—the costs of the posters will be covered by the university. More information forthcoming.
  3. During the event, each individual or team will stand by their poster and present it to those that come by—students, faculty, alumni, friends of the Loyola community, and, of course the judges.
  4. Five pitches will be selected by the judges to move on to the final round. 
  5. In the final round, the five teams chosen will each have no more than three minutes to pitch their idea and solution to the judges and the audience. Judges will then have no more than ten minutes to ask the team questions about their pitch. 
  6. Prizes will be awarded to the top three pitches: 1st Prize – $1,500, 2nd Prize –  $1,000, and 3rd Prize –  $500. 

Additional Resources

For more information and questions, please email dluvison@loyola.edu or aschmidt-king@loyola.edu