Loyola University Maryland

CPaMS Scholars Program

First-year Messina Events

Three images of first-year students from CS151: Messina picnic, Messina wearable tech workshop, Messina picnic

Every fall semester the first-year CPaMS Scholars will take the Computer Science 151 together as their Messina course. Messina is the seminar program that all students at the university participate in their first year. The activities for the CPaMS Scholars in their Messina course changes each year. The following schedule is for fall 2019.

Date Activity/Topic

September 4


September 11

Campus Resources Scavenger Hunt

September 18

Baltimore 101

September 21

Lunch at Professor Franceschi’s House

October 2

Stress and Time Management

October 8

STEP-UP! Bystander Intervention Session

October 9

Yoga in FAVA Chapel

October 22

"I Got 99 Problems...Palsey is Just One" A Performance by Maysoon Zayid

October 30

Reflection on Performance and the Stories Told

November 6

Registration (& sneak peek to Study Abroad)

November 13

Presentation from Melissa Lees

November 20

Course Enrichment

December 8th

Gingerbread Houses and Hampden Lights Outing