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First-year Messina Events

Three images of first-year students from CS151: Messina picnic, Messina wearable tech workshop, Messina picnic

Every fall semester the first-year CPaMS Scholars will take the Computer Science 151 together as their Messina course. Messina is the seminar program that all students at the university participate in their first year. The activities for the CPaMS Scholars in their Messina course changes each year. The following schedule is for fall 2021; students in the course should consult their syllabus and Moodle for the official schedule.

Date Activity/Topic

September 8


September 14

Activity Fair on Quad 4-6:30PM

September 15

Campus Resources Scavenger Hunt

September 22

Stress Management

September 29


September ??

STEP-UP! Bystander Intervention Session

October 4

Mass incarceration justice panel

October 11

Charm city screening at Senator (optional)

October 20

Counseling Center & The Study

October 27

Registration (& sneak peek to Study Abroad)

November 1

Becoming Bullet-Proof Event

November 3 Discussion of Becoming Bullet-Proof 
November 17  How to Make a Website
December 8  Hampden Lights


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