Loyola University Maryland

CPaMS Scholars Program

Sophomore Seminar

The sophomore seminar meets every Monday at 3:00-4:15 p.m. in Knott Hall 004, each fall semester. Sophomore CPaMS Scholars are required to take the 1-credit seminar course and attend every meeting. Other students are encouraged to attend any seminar meeting that they find interesting. The last fifteen minutes of each seminar with a guest speaker is a chance for informal chatting and networking.

Fall 2019
Sept. 9 Career Center, including game on finding yourself
Sept. 16 Student Panel -- hear from CPaMS juniors and seniors on their internships and job preparations
Sept. 23 Counseling Center on Imposter Syndrome and Stereotype Threat
Sept. 26 (Thursday)  Grand Seminar -- Biological Models
Sept. 30 Christopher Coletta, NIA, "Data Science and Health"
Oct. 7 Kadin Caiines, Kaiser Permanente, "Health Data and Modeling"
Oct. 14

Rachel Fraczkowski, RDA Software Developer, "Web development"

Oct. 21 Class Discussion
Oct. 28 Laurian Vega, Booz Allen Hamilton, User Experience
Nov. 4 Timothy Wood, George Washington University, Cloud Computing
Nov. 11 Andrea Heyman, Etsy
Nov. 18 Christian Jones, JHU
Nov. 25 Ya-Shian Li-Baboud, NIST
Dec. 2 Carina Vallefuoco
Dec. 9 Bringing it all together -- reflection on the semester

"The CPaMS Program brings in professionals in various sectors to speak at weekly seminars about their field of study and expertise, allowing us as scholars to see the scope of how far our STEM majors can take us."

—Emily Cebulski, CPaMS Scholar