Loyola University Maryland

CPaMS Scholars Program

Why CPaMS?

The CPaMS Scholars program is a competitive program for high achieving students planning to study computer science; physics; mathematics; statistics; or data science with a focus in CS, Math, or Stat. The primary benefits of participating in CPaMS are:

  1. You will have additional opportunities that are not available or as easily accessible to other students, including internships, summer research, and courses.
  2. You may receive financial aid to support you through all four years of study. Financial aid amounts are determined based on your financial need once you are accepted into the program. Acceptance into the program is not affected by financial need; financial aid is only considered after acceptance.
  3. You will be part of a cohort of students who are also pursuing CPaMS majors. You will take a course each year with these other students during your first three years, and have a chance to meet older CPaMS Scholars for advice. 
  4. You have access to additional mentoring from the CPaMS Scholars Faculty.
  5. You have access to additional career preparation, whether you decide to start your career directly after graduation or first attend graduate school. CPaMS faculty are here to help you make these decisions.
  6. Participation in CPaMS is prestigious, and will help your resume stand out to employers and graduate schools.

CPaMS Scholars Opens Doors

Many of our CPaMS Scholars have great accomplishments during their time at Loyola. Some recent examples where being a CPaMS Scholar strengthened their application include:

You can hear more directly from our scholars by checking out our Meet the CPaMS Scholars page. We hope you will consider applying to CPaMS when you apply to Loyola University Maryland.