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Andrew Hahm, ajhahm@loyola.edu 
Angela Monfilleto, ammonfilleto@loyola.edu
Brian Begley, bbbegley@loyola.edu
Clarissa Gonzalez, csgonzalez@loyola.edu
Debbie Kim, dkim1@loyola.edu
Eric Baker, ekbaker@loyola.edu
Grace Hymel, gmhymel@loyola.edu
Joey Patron, jlpatron@loyola.edu
John Bond, jjbond@loyola.edu
Jonathan Rodriguez, jrodriguez3@loyola.edu
Joy Holland, jaholland1@loyola.edu
Michael Di Bianca, msdibianca@loyola.edu
Molly Cichosz, mmcichosz@loyola.edu
Yamillex Peña, ynpena@loyola.edu


In order to effectively serve as a voice for the Loyola student community, we need to listen to the concerns of all students on campus, especially those which may differ from the status quo. As advocates for the student body, we have taken it upon ourselves to increase the level of transparency between the members of the Society and our community. Please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us to voice your concerns, no matter how big or small. We are here to listen to our community and relay any concerns to the President and his main advisors, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Cook.