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Faces of Loyola

The Green and Grey Society have formed a cohort to work on a project called Faces of Loyola. This project is about storytelling and recognizing some of the “unsung heroes” of Loyola University Maryland. With the help of GreyComm TV Studios and their production team, we are able to highlight members of our community as well as the work they do that contributes to our collective Loyola experience in their own special way.

Julie Rivera

Faces of Loyola - Julie Rivera from Greycomm Studios on Vimeo

Chris Rhodovi

Faces of Loyola - Chris Rhodovi from Greycomm Studios on Vimeo

Ashley Schantz

Faces of Loyola - Ashley Schantz from Greycomm Studios on Vimeo.

Chris Murphy


Faces of Loyola - Chris Murphy from Greycomm Studios on Vimeo.

Brandon Brito

Faces of Loyola - Brandon Brito from Greycomm Studios on Vimeo.

Tracy Fielder


Faces of Loyola - Tracy Fielder from Greycomm Studios on Vimeo.

Rosemary Riel

Faces of Loyola - Rosemary Riel from Greycomm Studios on Vimeo.

Scott McCabe


Faces of Loyola - Scott McCabe from Greycomm Studios on Vimeo.

Patricia Bryan


Faces of Loyola - Patricia Bryan from Greycomm Studios on Vimeo.

George Miller


Faces of Loyola - George Miller from Greycomm Studios on Vimeo.