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Course Information

This is a regular 3 credit course scheduled for Spring 2020. Students register for the course as part of their Spring course registration process in October. There is a pre-registration process that all students must go through in order to receive written permission to take the course. This step ensures that you have the required minimum GPA (2.5), are not currently under academic probation, and have completed or are currently completing the requisite pre-requisites (IS251, BH251, CS301 or CS312).

Many students will take this as a sixth course since the bulk of the work is concentrated during the week of spring break. There are four full classes of 3.25 hours duration (one class per week) before we travel and one class of 3.25 hours two weeks after we return.

The cost of the course for Spring 2020 is expected to be $2,600. This includes airfare, hotel bed and breakfast (sharing with another Loyola student - same gender), airport coach transfers, coach hire in Dublin, tram pass, train pass, travel insurance, entrance to Blarney Castle and other tourist venues in Cobh, and some lunches.