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Contacts for Multilingual Student Support

Students and faculty are welcome to contact the following members of the Loyola community for support and guidance related to multilingual students. To be added to this list, please complete this form.

Birgit Albrecht, Ph.D.

Birgit AlbrechtTitle: Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Phone: 410-617-2058
Office: Donnelly Science 328
Other languages known: German
Background: I grew up in Germany but moved to the UK for my undergraduate and graduate studies. While I had some german during my German high school, I was taking university level courses in a foreign language, and I understand the challenges that come with it. I had great mentors that supported me during that time, and now that I am a professor myself, I am hoping to pay it forward.
Areas I can help with: Sciences, pre-health, and resources

Patricia Bryan, M.A.

Title: Assistant Director, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Admission-Undergraduate
Phone: 410-617-2950
Office: Humanities 102

David Carey, Jr., Ph.D.

Dr. David Carey Jr.Title: Doehler Chair, History
Phone: 410-617-2893
Office: Humanities 310
Other languages known: Spanish and Kaqchikel Maya
Background: I learned Spanish in Mexico and Chile, and I learned Kaqchikel Maya in Guatemala. I have traveled throughout Central America and parts of South America, including Peru and Ecuador. I have also worked closely with Esperanza Center and Latin American immigrants.
Areas I can help with: History, writing, and acclimating to Loyola.

Marianna Carlucci, Ph.D.

Marianna CarlucciTitle: Associate Professor, Psychology
Phone: 410-617-5282
Office: Fernandez Center 225
Other languages known: Spanish
Background: I’m originally from Venezuela and understand the complexities and opportunities of navigating a new system/environment. I want to make sure Loyola is a welcoming place for folks who bring a wealth of knowledge and diversity when they can be their full selves.
Areas I can help with: Anything! I’ll try my best to help or be there!

Emily Dillon, M.Ed. and M.F.A.

Emily DillonTitle: Assistant Teaching Professor, Writing
Phone: 410-617-5515
Office: Maryland Hall 043N
Background: I have a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, including pedagogical study for second-language learners, and taught second-language learners in the arts for five years in high school. I studied Spanish Language and Literature in undergrad alongside my English degree; though several of my family members speak fluent Spanish (ask me about my middle name, Llansó!), I do not, but I enjoy cross-linguistic comparisons even within different versions of English.
Areas I can help with: I can support WR*100 students, in particular, as a WR*100 teacher in the Writing Department. I can offer graphic organizer support and cross-linguistic grammar comparisons.

Margarita R. Jácome, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor, Spanish and Latin American Studies
Phone: 410-617-2364
Office: Maryland Hall 351G
Other languages known: Spanish and Portuguese
Background: Dr. Jácome was born in Colombia of Hispanic-Lebanese descent. In her teaching, mentoring, and research work, she focuses on understanding the social implications of multiculturalism and the stereotypes that stem from them.
Areas I can help with: I will gladly work with multilingual/multicultural learners on using their knowledge of languages as an empowering tool to make their voices heard within the growing diverse student population.

Tasha Lewis, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor, Spanish
Phone: 410-617-5603
Office: Maryland Hall 460
Other languages known: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, and American Sign Language
Background: I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and I grew up bilingual. Although I spoke English at home, I was educated in French. Fascinated by languages in general and the process of learning languages, I eventually studied five more languages and ended up specializing in linguistics, specifically second language acquisition.
Areas I can help with: Academics, first generation, bilingual and heritage language issues.

Mary Beth Mudric, Ph.D.

Mary Beth MudricTitle: Interim Assistant Dean, Office of Undergraduate Studies
Phone: 410-617-5547
Office: Maryland Hall 145
Other languages known: Some Spanish
Background: I had the pleasure of working with multilingual students during my work-study position in college, and I believe that this experience gave me the incredible perspective and insight that allows me to do the work I am so passionate about now. We have so much to learn from our multilingual students, and the more time we take to establish relationships with these students, the more robust our Loyola community will become.
Areas I can help with: Transition from high school to college, finding resources, asking for help, and building resilience.

Stephen Park, Ph.D.

Stephen ParkTitle: Assistant Professor, English, and Faculty Director of Community-Engaged Learning and Scholarship
Phone: 410-617-2497
Office: Humanities 242C
Other languages known: French
Background: I have worked with many, many international students and multilingual students at several universities. Before coming to Loyola, I taught in the Rio Grande Valley, where the majority of my students were either bilingual or native Spanish speakers. My specialty is Hemispheric American Literature, and in the courses I teach at Loyola, I include texts from multiple language traditions.
Areas I can help with: Students should feel free to contact me about any issue, whether it’s related to their academic work or not. Also, I speak French at home with my family, so French speakers are definitely encouraged to reach out.

Lucas Southworth, M.F.A.

Lucas SouthworthTitle: Assistant Professor, Writing
Phone: 410-617-5053
Office: Maryland Hall 043L
Background: I write fiction, primarily short stories, and also teach in the Writing Department. I am happy to field questions about WR*100 or about college-level writing in general. I have also worked with multilingual student writers at Loyola, University of Alabama, and Iowa State University.
Areas I can help with: The Writing Center at Loyola, WR*100, and the Messina pairing designed for multilingual students.

Dennis Velez, M.A.

Selfie of Dennis VelezTitle: Associate Director, ALANA Services
Phone: 410-617-2004
Office: Andrew White Student Center E315
Other languages known: Spanish
Background: Dennis, a proud Puerto Rican man, currently serves as the Associate Director of ALANA (African, Latinx, Asian, Native American) Services and is passionate about supporting students, especially those who identify as multilingual. He enjoys meeting students where they are and approaches his work through an intersectional framework. Stop by my office and say hola! Or feel free to call/email me. Gracias!
Areas I can help with: Anything! But if you need specifics, you can contact me about getting involved in ALANA Services (whether it’s through programming, getting involved in a student club, our mentoring program, or joining an identity-based space such as MAN2MAN or Sister to Sister), academic support, Empower (a support group for students of color), or getting connected on campus.

Maiju Wetzel, Ph.D.

Title: Director, Pre-Health Programs
Phone: 410-617-2218
Office: Donnelly Science 147

Marcia Wiedefeld, M.A.

Title: Director, Disability Support Services
Phone: 410-617-2062
Office: Newman Towers W107
Background: As Director of Disability Support Services, I see a lot of students who are multilingual that can use the same support as students with disabilities (such as note-taking assistance and extra time on tests). I am happy to talk to students to see if they are eligible for accommodations and support through DSS. Please email or call, and we can set up a time to meet!
Areas I can help with: If you have a chronic health condition, anxiety, or a learning disability that makes it difficult to learn or take tests, you might be eligible for accommodations and support. Or, if you suspect you have an undiagnosed learning disability or ADHD, DSS can help you determine if you should pursue an evaluation.