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Racial Justice Working Group

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The Racial Justice Working Group exists to:

1) support and create opportunities for members of the campus community to gain knowledge and engage in dialogue regarding racial justice, equipping them to proactively address racial injustice; and

2) advocate for effective institutional responses to instances and structures of racial injustice at Loyola, especially those that affect student experiences.

More about our history and commitments available on the About Us page.

An Open Letter to Loyola's Campus

An Invitation from the Racial Justice Working Group 

We as a campus have work to do.

We are heartened by the students of color and their allies who have emerged as campus leaders on the issue of racial justice across the nation. Here at Loyola, we see this as an opportunity for our entire Jesuit, Catholic campus to more fully live up to our educational mission and our Core values so that all may feel welcome and thrive.

We write to offer Conversations in Grey as one place where conversations about race can occur as we all seek understanding and action. To make progress toward racial justice, we need open and honest dialogue across different experiences and opinions. Conversations in Grey are drop-in, casual conversations that take place Monday through Friday at regular times in common campus locations, facilitated by members of our Working Group. We invite the Loyola community to bring your questions, comments and ideas and join this important conversation.