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Shades of Resilience Conference

Shades of Resilience: Mental Health in Communities of Color

Join us on Saturday, November 3, 2018 for the Shades of Resilience Conference

Shades of Resilience Conference: Mental Health in Communities of Color The Shades of Resilience: Mental Health in Communities of Color Conference is designed to be an educational and informative one day conference. This program will focus on exploring mental health stigma in communities of color, identifying potential careers in the mental health field, and navigating self care as a person of color. It is the aim of the conference to not only support students in identifying resources for training to in mental health fields but to also increase our understanding of the ways in which the mind and body work hand in hand, highlighting the value of coping outlets to restore our energy and sense of self. There will be four breakout sessions that will cover the following themes self-care, education in the field of psychology, discussion around mental health stigma, and reflection. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the conference,
Jouvanna Brame ’18 and the 2018 Shades of Resilience Conference Committee

For general questions about the conference, email Jouvanna Brame at shadesofresilience@students.loyola.edu.

For questions about conference registration and payment, email Tim Cherney at tdcherney@loyola.edu. 

Schedule at a Glance

8:00am-9:00am Conference Check-In (McGuire Atrium)

check-in will remain open until 10am for late arrivals

9:00am-10:00am Welcome and Keynote Speaker - Whiskey Girl (McGuire Hall)

10:10am-11:00am Session 1 - Self Care (Knott Hall)

  •  "Self Care & My Career" - Dr. Emilie B. Joseph

11:00am-11:10am Break

11:10am-Noon Session 2 - Education in the Field of Mental Health (Knott Hall)

  •  "POC and Mental Health Stigma: What Are We Going to Do?" - Dari Leblanc & Kale Kamano
  •  "Perceptions of Mental Health Services: Second Generation Nigerian Immigrants Perspective" - Oluwatofunmi Oni

Noon-1:10pm Lunch (McGuire Hall)

1:10pm-2:00pm Session 3 - Discussion Around Mental Health Stigma (Knott Hall)

  •  "Ashton Vs Ashton: My Fight vs Anxiety/Depression" - Ashton Horne
  •  "My Experience with Mental Health" - Gabriel Perez Silva

2:00pm-2:10pm Break

2:10pm-3:00pm Session 4 - Reflection (Knott Hall)

  •  "STATE:TRAIT - Supporting Compassion for Mental Health through Community-Based Movement Explorations" - Jessica Denson & Shatiea Blount

3:00pm-3:10pm Break

3:10pm-3:30pm Closing Remarks (Knott Hall)

Keynote Speaker - Whiskey Girl

Picture of Whiskey Girl - blogger, author, spoken word artistWhiskey Girl is a Washington, DC-based blogger, self-published author, spoken word artist and single mother with a full-time professional career in the health field. She lendsher unique voice and perspective to her own WG’s Embrace the Crazy blog. In addition to writing, her true passions include public work and serving as a mouthpiece to address mental health issues within the black community.
The Whiskey Girl persona is not only a drink of choice and ratchet alter ego, but a representation of survival and a metaphor for the many adults who defer to unhealthy coping mechanisms to battle depression. Whiskey is the author of 3 self-published chapbooks: Trigger, Medicate. and Mercury In Retrograde…But the Rent Is Still Due: A Collection of Black Girl Poems.
Whiskey Girl is a powerhouse in the making, working to build her brand while striving to constantly evolve within the blogging, spoken word, writing and producing realm—steadily gaining momentum and reputation in each field.

For more, visit whiskeyandpoetry.com  

Conference Session Themes

  • Self-care - Presenters can present on any topic that discusses self-care in any form (i.e., yoga, meditation, mindfulness, etc …). Discussion or participation should not only focus on the mental/emotional realm of taking care of oneself but also the physical and spiritual.
  • Education in the field of mental health - What does the value of mentorship mean for students of color pursuing a career in mental health? What career paths are available? This breakout session should engage attendees in understanding how mental health functions from an educational standpoint.
  • Discussion around mental health stigma - Discussion should focus around identities that intersect with race. For example, race, religion, sexual orientation etc … and the impact this has on mental health. Conversations can also include discussion on the stigmas of mental health in communities of color and how to combat those discussions.
  • Reflection - This breakout session is meant to be an active process for attendees to explore creative ways of self-care and exploring their own mental health and well-being.