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Application Information

On April 19, 2024, Loyola University Maryland will host the 24th annual campus-wide forum highlighting undergraduate student research.  The goal of the Colloquium is to encourage scholastic endeavors that focus on the generation of new knowledge and the creative integration of existing scholarship.

Applications are due:  March 19, 2024

Please read this page in its entirety before submitting a proposal.

Application Requirements

All currently enrolled undergraduate students of the University are eligible to make submissions to the Colloquium. The application form requires identification of a Loyola University faculty member who will agree to serve as a mentor in the application process.

Please be sure that you have all the information in front of you before completing the form.

You will be required to indicate if you wish to present a poster (or visual) or oral presentation at the Colloquium:

  • A poster involves a display of the main points, ideas, and findings of the research, which the students refer to as they explain their work.
  • An oral presentation is a more formal presentation within a classroom setting.

Competition Divisions

  • Arts 
  • Business
  • Education
  • Humanities
  • Natural & Applied Sciences
  • Social Sciences

General Guidelines

Note: Please read the instructions below carefully before proceeding to complete the online application form, which you will find below. 

  • Since the Committee uses a blind review process, proposals (with the exception of the application form) are to be devoid of the applicant and mentor’s names. Applicants are reminded that if they refer to their own work or their mentor’s works in the references, the names should be omitted or marked out
  • Each student may only submit one poster and one oral presentation proposal as lead author
  • The committee accepts both individual and collaborative proposals
  • The application form and abstract are to be submitted online
  • The proposal must be in the form of an abstract (300 word limit) that briefly describes the project. Students are encouraged to have their mentors review their abstracts prior to submission
  • Students should indicate if they wish to present a poster (or visual) or oral presentation at the Colloquium. A poster involves a display of the main points, ideas, and findings of the project. An oral presentation is a more formal 10 minute presentation within a classroom setting. Download the Poster Template (ppt).

Evaluation Criteria

While it is expected that the research will be completed at the time of the Colloquium, it is not essential that it be completed at the time of application. Because of this consideration, the submitted proposals will only be evaluated on its clarity of purpose, preparation, and methodology using criteria A-C outlined below. For accepted proposals, reviewers will provide limited feedback to students. Faculty mentors should assist students in considering this feedback. Presentations at the Colloquium will be judged using all six criteria in Sections One and Two below.

Section One

Used to review all Colloquium proposals and presentations

  1. Clear Goals: Does the student-scholar state the basic purpose(s) of his or her work?
  2. Adequate Preparation: Does the student-scholar show an understanding of existing scholarship and/or scholarly processes in the field?
  3. Appropriate Methods: Does the student-scholar use methods appropriate to the goals?

Section Two

Used only at the Colloquium

D. Meaningful Results: Does the student-scholar achieve his or her goals? 
E. Effective Presentation:  Does the student-scholar use a suitable style and effective organization to present his or her work? 
F. Reflective Critique: Does the student-scholar critically evaluate his or her own work?

Apply Online

Event Information

Friday, April 19, 2024

Download the 2024 USRSC Program

Application Proposals

All currently enrolled undergraduate students at the University are eligible to submit a presentation proposal to the Colloquium for research performed on or off campus, including during the summer.

Deadline: March 19, 2024

Application Process

Volunteer to Judge

If you are a faculty member willing to serve as an abstract reviewer (March 19-27) and/or a judge (either for oral or poster presentations at the Colloquium on April 19th), please submit your contact information here to register your interest.