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2000 Undergraduate Research Colloquium

Celebrating Loyola's Commitment to Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

Colloquium Group
Colloquium finalists with their faculty mentors

On Saturday, April 1, 2000, the Undergraduate Student Research & Scholarship Committee held its inaugural Colloquium. The competition establishes a campus-wide forum in which undergraduate research and scholarship can be presented before the college community. This event not only contributes to the professional development of participants, but underscores the importance the college places on student involvement in creative intellectual endeavors.

The finalists below presented their research in open competition for first, second, and third place cash awards.

Arts & Humanities

First Place

Hillary Belzer: "The Tenth St. Studio of William Merritt Chase: Museum and Marketplace."
Mentor: Dr. Janet Headley, Dept. of Fine Art

School of Business

First Place

Kenneth Brown: "The International Monetary Fund: Help or Hindrance in the Asian Monetary Crisis?"
Mentor: Dr. Joanne Li, Dept. of Finance

Second Place

Andrea Tony: "Duty to Warn: An Analysis and Evaluation of Current Legal Standards."
Mentor: Dr. Andrea Giampetro-Meyer, Dept. of Strategic & Organizational Studies

Natural & Life Sciences

First Place

Jennifer Wood: "The role of FtsZ in Caulobacter Crescentus Cell Division."
Mentor: Dr. Neena Din, Dept. of Biology

Second Place

Anita Coupe: "Using Electrodes to Detect Enzyme Activity and Inhibition."
Mentor: Dr. Kimberly Olsen, Dept. of Chemistry

Third Place

Kathleen Brolly: "Measuring Risk in Stocks."
Mentors: Dr. Lester Coyle, Dept. of Mathematics and Dr. Chris Morrell, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences

Social Science

First Place

Melanie Dieter: "The Relationship Between Religion, Life Satisfaction, and Emotional Stability."
Mentor: Dr. David Powers, Dept. of Psychology


First Place

Dolores Beane: "Looking at Viscosity Measurements to Determine the Molecular Weight of a Food Additive: Carboxymethyl Cellulose."
Mentor: Dr. Danielle Brabazon, Dept. of Chemistry

Honorable Mention Awards

The Undergraduate Student Research & Scholarship Committee also wishes to extend congratulations to the following students who received honorable mention awards for their commendable scholarship:

Arts & Humanities

Eileen T. Wold: "Women in the Illustrations of the Harper's New Monthly Magazine."
Mentor: Dr. Janet Headley, Department of Fine Arts

Natural & Life Sciences

Luneet Gandotra: "Cloning the nhr-85 Gene"
Mentor: Dr. Kirsten Crossgrove, Dept. of Biology

Leann Massey: "Understanding Vision in Dim Light"
Mentor: Dr. Danielle Brabazon

Social Science

Robert Clark: "Using Biofeedback in the Treatment of Test Anxiety."
Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Baerwald, Department of Psychology

Michael A. Formichelli: "Romania: The Emergence of Pluralist Discourse."
Mentor: Dr. Janine Holc, Department of Political Science

Pictures from the Colloquium


Assistant Vice President Frank Cunningham

Assistant Vice President Frank Cunningham addressing the audience in opening remarks.

Dean Lorenzi

Dean Lorenzi welcomes all students, faculty, and parents to the day's festivities.


Dean McGuiness

Dean McGuiness and mentor Dr. Janet Headley enjoyed the variety of topics discussed in Colloquium II.


Student Presentation

A Loyola finalist preparing for her presentation.

Colloquium Group

Students and faculty gather before the beginning of the colloquium presentations.

Thank you to all of the students, faculty, parents, and members of the administration that have supported this endeavor in its inaugural year.


Event Information

Friday, April 19, 2024

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Application Proposals

All currently enrolled undergraduate students at the University are eligible to submit a presentation proposal to the Colloquium for research performed on or off campus, including during the summer.

Deadline: March 19, 2024

Application Process

Volunteer to Judge

If you are a faculty member willing to serve as an abstract reviewer (March 19-27) and/or a judge (either for oral or poster presentations at the Colloquium on April 19th), please submit your contact information here to register your interest.