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2001 Undergraduate Research Colloquium

Celebrating Loyola's Commitment to Undergraduate Research and Scholarship


Colloquium Group
Colloquium finalists with their faculty mentors

On Saturday, March 31, 2001, the Undergraduate Student Research & Scholarship Committee held its second annual Colloquium. The competition establishes a campus-wide forum in which undergraduate research and scholarship can be presented before the college community. This event not only contributes to the professional development of participants, it underscores the importance the college places on student involvement in creative intellectual endeavors.

The finalists below presented their research in open competition for first, second, and third place cash awards.

Arts & Humanities

First Place

Kathleen Barker: "Dekker and Middleton's The Roaring Girl: Editing a Renaissance Play."
Mentor: Professor Robert Miola

Second Place

Bonard Molina: "Blood Bartering: The Aztec Roots of Christian Sacrifice in Iztapalapa."
Mentor: Rick Boothby

School of Business

First Place

Tom McAndrew: "Social Security Privatization."
Mentor: Professor Nancy Williams

Second Place

Alicia Bartkowski: "WHO, Tobacco, and Treaties: Whither Do We Go?"
Mentor: Professor Ray Jones

Third Place

Sara Antonson: "Reconciling Environmental Protection, Human Rights, and Economic Development: A Legal Analysis Concerning LAC Developing Countries."
Mentor: Professor Andrea Giampetro-Meyer

Natural & Life Sciences

First Place

Puneet Gandotra: "Cloning and Characterizing the nhr-85 gene in C. elegans"
Mentor: Dr. Kirsten Crossgrove

Second Place

Nicholas Woodford: "Structural Analysis of the C-Terminal Domain of the Bacterial Cell Division Protein FtsZ"
Mentor: Dr. Neena Din

Third Place

Amy Hughes: "Maximizing and Analyzing Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Potential in Mouse D3-129 and C57BL/6 ES Cells"
Mentor: Dr. Clara Moore

Social Science

First Place

Jessica Rice: "Individual Differences and Student Leadership."
Mentor: Mickey Fenzel

Second Place

Kathleen M. Joynes: "Evaluating Clinically Significant Therapeutic Change in Survivors of Abuse."
Faculty Sponsor: Jenny Lowry

Third Place

Robert Clark: "Bimodal Attention Functioning and EEG Patterns."
Mentor: Jeffrey Baerwald, S.J.


First Place

Christopher Thompson: "DSPFXG: Digital Signal Processing Effect for Guitar."
Mentor: Dr. Brian Jennison

Second Place

Mike Owsianny: "Faces of El Salvador."
Mentor: Tim Brown, S.J.

Pictures from the Colloquium

Father Ridley

Father Ridley, President of Loyola College, addressing the audience during the Awards Cermemony.

Kathleen Barker Presentation

Kathleen Barker, winner in the Arts & Humanities Division, presents her paper.

Tom McAndrew Presentation

Tom McAndrew discusses Social Security privatization in his award-winning presentation.

Chris Thompson Presentation

In his demonstration of acoustical special effects, Chris Thompson plays a few riffs on the guitar.

Colloquium Group

Students and faculty gather before the beginning of the colloquium presentations.

Thank you to all of the students, faculty, parents, and members of the administration that have supported this endeavor in its second year.

Event Information

Friday, April 19, 2024

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Application Proposals

All currently enrolled undergraduate students at the University are eligible to submit a presentation proposal to the Colloquium for research performed on or off campus, including during the summer.

Deadline: March 19, 2024

Application Process

Volunteer to Judge

If you are a faculty member willing to serve as an abstract reviewer (March 19-27) and/or a judge (either for oral or poster presentations at the Colloquium on April 19th), please submit your contact information here to register your interest.