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2006 Undergraduate Research Colloquium

Celebrating Loyola's Commitment to Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

Colloquium Finalists
Some of the colloquium finalists with their faculty mentors and the Committee

On Friday, March 31st 2006, the Undergraduate Student Research & Scholarship Committee held its seventh annual Colloquium. The competition continues a campus-wide forum in which undergraduate research and scholarship can be presented before the college community. This event not only contributes to the professional development of participants, it underscores the importance the college places on student involvement in creative intellectual endeavors.

Click here for the full list of presentations.

The finalists listed below presented their research in open competition for First, Second, and Third Place cash awards.

Arts & Humanities Oral Presentations

First Place

Elizabeth Riordan: "Lucas van Leyden’s The Card Players: Viewership and the Moralizing Tale"
Mentor: Dr. Barnaby Nygren

Second Place

Brendan Hogan: "U.S.-Saudi Relations during the Reagan Administration"
Mentor: Dr. Thomas Pegram

Third Place

Lauren Teresa: "House of the Vettii"
Mentor: Dr. Barnaby Nygren

Arts & Humanities Poster Presentations

First Place

Krista Stancati & Margaret Hogan: "The Role of Female Protagonists in Children's Literature"
Mentor: Dr. Wendy Smith

Second Place

Ryan Hindinger: "Directing Arcadia and Design Technology"
Mentor: Dr. James Bunzli

Business Poster Presentations

First Place

Aaron Eddy: "Will the Computer Lose Our Minds?: Information Retention via Print and Electronic Formats"
Mentor: Dr. Gloria Phillips-Wren

Second Place

Elizabeth Vitro: "The Fertility Revolution: Changing Effects of Female Labor Force Participation over 50 Years"
Mentor: Dr. Richard Franke

Third Place

Alicia Ferriso: "Country Analysis Report: Black & Decker in Honduras"
Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Cummings

Demonstration & Performance Oral Presentations

First Place

Kendra Richard: "Dramatic Adaptation and New Play Development: A Fusion of Theatre and Writing"
Mentor: Dr. James Bunzli

Second Place

Kristen Gorman: "Adaptation Proposal"
Mentor: Dr. James Bunzli

Mathematical & Natural Sciences Oral Presentations

First Place

Kathleen Ansaldi: "Rank Computations on a Family of Quartic Curves"
Mentor: Dr. Ethan Duckworth

Second Place

Henry Feild: "Identifier Splitting Methods"
Mentors: Dr. David Binkley & Dr. Dawn Lawrie

Third Place

Robert Hinkey: "Studying Gaussian Beam Propagation and Building an Optical Tweezer"
Mentor: Dr. Mary Lowe

Mathematical & Natural Sciences Poster Presentations

First Place

Katelin Kelly: "Leaf Characteristics of Three Arabidopsis Iyrata Populations: Implications for Drought Resistance"
Mentor: Dr. Bernadette Roche

Second Place

Eileen DeVillier: "Modeling an Epileptogenetic Focus"
Mentor: Dr. Lisa Oberbroeckling

Social Sciences Oral Presentations

First Place

Tamika Jones: "Racial Group Perceptions and Neighborhood Influence"
Mentor: Dr. Lovell Smith

Second Place

Brendan Hogan: "The Correlates of Political Instability - A Logistic Regression Approach"
Mentor: Dr. James Quirk

Third Place

Vanessa Clemente-Walters & Richard Tringali: "Some Relationships Among Physical Self-Efficacy, Assertiveness, Gender and Vulnerability to Assault"
Mentor: Dr. David Crough

Social Sciences Poster Presentations

First Place

James Marinchak, Valerie Crosby & Chris Dillon: "Right-Wing Authoritarianism, Homonegativity, and Sexism: Do Right-Wing Authoritarians Have More Prejudiced Social Attitudes?"
Mentor: Dr. Kerri Goodwin

Second Place

Rebecca Cordell, Katelyn Woods & Amy Scafidi: "Homesickness in Relation to Extraversion, Self-Esteem and Distance from Home in College Freshmen"
Mentor: Dr. Alison Papadakis

Third Place

Maura Toomb, Dayna Pizzigoni & Catherine Thompson: "Parental Influence on the Social Desirability and Body Image of College-Age Females"
Mentor: Dr. Kerri Goodwin

Pictures from the Colloquium

Haddad, Buckley, Dahringer, and Linnane

From left to right: Dr. David Haddad (VP for Academic Affairs), Dr. James Buckley (Dean of Arts and Sciences), Dr. Dahringer (Dean of Sellinger School of Business and Management) and Fr. Brian Linnane (President of Loyola College) chat at the Colloquium.

Sellinger Atrium

Gathering in the Sellinger Atrium

Keynote Speaker, Rev. John Conley, S.J.

Keynote speaker, Rev. John Conley, S.J.

All photographs courtesy of Larry French.

Thank you to all of the students, faculty, parents, and members of the administration that have supported the endeavor this year.

Event Information

Friday, April 19, 2024

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Application Proposals

All currently enrolled undergraduate students at the University are eligible to submit a presentation proposal to the Colloquium for research performed on or off campus, including during the summer.

Deadline: March 19, 2024

Application Process

Volunteer to Judge

If you are a faculty member willing to serve as an abstract reviewer (March 19-27) and/or a judge (either for oral or poster presentations at the Colloquium on April 19th), please submit your contact information here to register your interest.